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Mad Dog GIB
15th Mar 2000, 06:18 AM
the one thing i think needs to be heavily modified in 3.0 is the bots. right now, they grab a gun and behave like they would with a UT weapon... they charge at you firing as fast as they can. INF needs to be stealthy to be enjoyable i feel, and the standard UT AI can't really do this, at least in my experience. so a modified bot AI that takes into account the reduced accuracy while running (in 3.0), the one shot one kill factor of the weapons, and generally tries to sneak around and kill you in a bitchy way from behind would make 3.0 much more enjoyable than it is now and make it even more like playing against humans. that said, i can't wait for 3.0... and i hope they fix the autoswitch weapons :^)

15th Mar 2000, 07:26 AM
And what about making the bots better in following orders. Right now I never tell anyone to cover me while sniping, cause they never know where to stand(they should stand somewhere the enemy could come from..) and always step around in front of my rifle..

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