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20th Mar 2000, 01:52 AM
Since alot of the loadout is customised how are the mass quantities of differnt stuff going to be done during the game. For example if i've chosen a FMJ mags, and i pick up someon elses JHP's do i have to load them seperatly? or waist all of my ammo to use the JHP's. Another question.. stuff like silencers, flashlights, ect. will they also be items that can be picked up durning the game, or are they just "stuck" on the guns. Action Quake, and Action HL for example treat the silencer as an item that cna be picked up and is automatically used on any gun that supports it. Is what your doing?

20th Mar 2000, 08:06 AM
Mags can be easily swapped out simply by reloading. We may just allow you to reload at any time, regardless if you have a full mag currently. You keep mags that still have ammo in them, and toss empty mags.

At this time, we won't be supporting attachments you find on the battlefield, though we may in the future. It makes things more complex if you still want it to be remotely realistic. Supporting animations would be some serious file size additions. It would then mean we should let you remove attachments if you don't want them for whatever reason- more animations and larger file size. Silencers don't just pop off, and scopes don't just snap on like leggos. Also remember that with Infiltration, you can't just run over an item and automatically pick it up-- you have to choose too, so it takes time. Then it'd take time removing the attachment from the weapon and adding it to yours. In the end, I see lots of people complaining because it 'takes too long' or is 'too complex' to make it work. Granted, there are plenty of 'fun' ways to make it work, but than we'd be crossing that invisible line between fairly realistic and just like the other guys.. Depending on the capabilities of skeletal animation, it might bring file sizes down due to animations, but until we know the skinny, this is our plan.

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