View Full Version : Just get rid of frag counts altogether!

Mr. T
21st Mar 2000, 02:03 PM
In team games probably should get rid of frag stats altogether. It might give away how many are dead. People can count in their heads, if they are really that interested in knowing how many kills they are getting. I’m not really interested. I’d be satisfied with just seeing the team wins. Too much emphasis is put on personal kills and not working as a team to get the win. And that’s not realistic. (I hope)

I’m sure most won’t welcome this idea with open arms. But I really believe it would improve teamplay, and an enjoyment would be obtained by helping your team win, instead of trying to Rambo your way through every round. (I used Rambo as a verb to illustrate my point.)

21st Mar 2000, 02:20 PM
Very good idea!

I really like it. This would mean that the team sould communicate more to get a feeling of how many remain in the opposing team and how many remain in the own team.

I hope that the team inserts this great idea...

Sylvester out...

Mr. T
21st Mar 2000, 02:49 PM
Actually White Rabbit did mention at the end of his "Don't show player1 killed player2" post, that frags counts shouldn't be tallied until the end. I was trying to extend from his original idea, and I didn't see that till just now. So consider this post a whole hearted agreement with White Rabbit's idea not to show frag counts.

Mr. T
21st Mar 2000, 02:57 PM
Sorry me again:

HOWEVER! I feel you shouldn't even tally frag counts to be displayed at the end. I think it may still influence people to try to boost their stats. Just show who lived and who died. That's all that matters to me. Who made it back home and who sacrificed their life for what they believed in.