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24th Mar 2000, 11:27 PM
1)When doing the standoff mode (or any non-death match mode for that matter, really) - all corpses should remain as objects. Considering your lives are limited, and the corpses will be swept away after the round anyways, it would be alot cooler to strip a corpse of its weapons than a backpack that "falls off the corpse". I can understand the backpack for death matching (lets face it, hardcore DMers have never cared about realism), but for the purposes of Assault/Infiltration type stuff, it would be alot cooler to come across a body (especially because you could tell who it was that got killed - friend or foe)

2) I don't know if this was ever mentioned or not, but clip on accessories. Since everybody has a limited load out (or will, eventually) it would be cool to see a little pistol holstered at their side, a sub machine gun slung over their shoulder, or a rifle/shotgun slung around their back. As long as its done carefully, I can only see needing to add a few animations to the models (it would, of course, be really cool to see them actually changing weapons instead of the old switcheroo so common now).

3) On that topic, reloading animations for the models would also be very nice. It would, again, be very cool to know exactly when your enemy was vulnerable, and again, if done properly, reloading animations could be generic - thumbing rounds into a bolt action or shotgun, slapping a mag into a sub, slapping a mag into an AR, or slapping one into a pistol.

I know, I demand so much of you animators. Its very cruel. Maybe you should get paid money... or hell, maybe I should get some money to pay you guys with. Wouldn't we all like that =).

Now, I place my last demand on the texturers and skinners: Know what would add a personal little touch to every little soldier's repertoire? A customized face. Well, not customized, per se, but a few different eyebrow types, hair styles, eye shapes, nose shapes, lips, and facial hair, all slightly configurable with some restricted pallete rotations (no oddly coloured eyes, for example). Once you've designed your little composite sketch of yourself, the final texture is amalgamated into one texture, and, when you join a server, everybody sees you in your individualistic glory. As I understand it, the server pauses to load your textures anyways, so it would properly signal everybody as to what different facial elements to combine to make player X.

Okay, maybe I'm being grossly unrealistic here, but you gotta admit, it would definitely be really cool. Heh, like I said: I really should pay you guys to fulfill all my military dreams.

24th Mar 2000, 11:36 PM
I knew I was absent mindedly forgetting something: Prone positions.

You should be able to stand (which you already can, obviously), crouch (when I say crouch, I don't mean UT's "squatting to take a dump in the wilderness crouch", I mean a real, kneeling crouch, as well as lying on your belly. All of these would come with their pros and cons, of course.

Standing gives you speed, but reduces accuracy slightly and makes you a nice juicy target.

Kneeling makes you only able to waddle at a medium-slow pace, but you're less of a target, have more stable aim, and you can get back up and run in a flash.

Lying prone makes you sloooooow in that you can only crawl, and not crawl on your hands and knees, mind you, you drag yourself. However, your aim is extremely stable, you're barely a target, but you need to take more time to get up.

All have their advantages and disadvantages, of course.

Oh, and one more thing. When your going into aimed mode, it would be nice for the external player model to cock his head and place it slightly forward, maybe pulling the weapon in a little closer as well (basically just an "aiming" model to be used for all weapons) so you know how your enemy is aiming, and what you can do tactically to stay alive and make him dead. I always wanted to shoot a sniper directly in his scope. Saving Private Ryan.

*sigh* I know, it's a lot of wishful thinking.

I seriously need a start up government grant a small, crack team of mongolian warlords to properly fulfill my dreams.

25th Mar 2000, 12:07 AM
I agree with you that corpses shouldn't disappear.

They are already planning a prone position, and an animation that lets other people see that you've aimed your weapon. It's in the roadmap.

The other ideas sound OK, but purely cosmetic things could probably wait until v3.0 is out, once it is they can "pretty-ize" it for v3.1.

25th Mar 2000, 08:01 PM
Hmm. I knew my brain didn't function properly. Like I said, i've read the roadmap about six or seven or maybe just four times.

Yes, I know its all cosmetic, but I mean... this forum isn't exclusively for just what'll be in the next version. Hell, maybe I'm making suggestions for what Infiltration will be by the time its a stand alone game with its own engine. Now that would be cool. Team Fortress 2 my ass!