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27th Mar 2000, 11:32 PM
Yiah, sorry if this has been posted before, because I missed it, but what will be done about dodging? It'd be pretty cheesy to see a soldier simply lead to the side, forward, or backwards. My suggestion would be dodging (double tapping a direction) be replaced with a dive-and-roll maneouver.

Secondly, with radio communication, it should act in the following manner. Only one button for saying something. Everybody on the team picks it up. Anybody on the enemy team can only pick it up if they are within a certain unit radius, as well as if there are and BSPs blocking talking player from speaking player on vector X/Y/Z. Difficult to implement? Probably =)

As well, here's a game mode suggestion for a future date:

Some sort of cooperative game type where you and some buddies team up to complete some map objectives. All the enemies are bots, and patrol around. You and your buddies (or just you) have to coordinate an attack to get from point a to point b and complete some mission objectives (sorta like commandos: behind enemy lines.) basically depending on the map, each of you picks a specialized loadout, with some weapons, items, etc. that would be team member specific, and, as an example, you are all at different insertion points around a captured Balkan city, and you have to make your way through the city to the Town Hall, where the enemies have set up a makeshift command.

Much like assault, but a players only team versus bots only, and the bots are more regular soldiers, where as you are a special ops soldier.

Can anybody make sense of what the hell i'm saying?

28th Mar 2000, 12:27 AM
Your game mode idea is a great idea, I always liked doing co-ops, at least while playing Myth and Myth2. I just think FPS games have a hard time implementing a good cooperative playmode. Inf could be able to do it after 3.0 though. All that would be needed would be something to make the server wait for a certain amount of people until it starts the game, also, having the players already waiting be able to vote on whether to go or wait. Problems would be with the people entering in the middle of the game, waiting and watching can be quite annoying sometimes.

Mr. T
28th Mar 2000, 12:32 AM
I agree with the part about diving instead of dodging.

Communication idea sounds good. Neo would know, but I don't think UT allows for very sophisticated sound representation.

I would think you could create a human vs. Bot match. Go to the part in the roadmap, um, GAME MODES I think. See if that is kinda what you mean.

28th Mar 2000, 12:44 AM
Well what I was thinking that may rectify this problem is to create a new game type, like INF Co-Op.

Maps would be designed specifically for this game type, and they would be pathnoded, yak yak yak and all that. The bots could use the enhanced team AI code to really act as a cohesive unit. Anyways, the map developer could set an ideal player load (ie: 4-6 players) and once the minimum amount of players was met, they could vote to go, or wait for the max. Again, you'd need a max, because with that many bots, you'd really wanna keep things simple. Anybody who entered could wait in spectator mode up to the spectator limit. Anybody who died in game would have to wait in ghost mode, and since the missions would be designed to be longish (not your average Myth/Soulblighter mission, mind you =) it would be in everybody's best interest to keep everybody else alive.

It would also be very cool if there was an istituted sub class for spawn points, and upon joining the server, you could select a class that you'd like to play (i thought it over and decided maybe predesignated load outs for this area would be the way to go.) So you could have the long rifleman, some assault troops, a demolotions expert, a recon guy, and all these guys would have different speeds/stats/weapons they'd be proficient with, and have to work as a coherent team to accomplish goals.

Imagine the field commander character ordering a recon character to check out an alley way in an occupied desert town, and the recon character finds a heavily fortified area controlled by a large amount of barricaded troops. He radios back to the commander and advises the the long riflemen take up positions on the roofs of the buildings on either side of the ally, and ready the three shock troops. The commander gives the green light, and the snipers drop the two guards. In the confusion that ensues with the enemy bots, the get bottle necked inside a doorway to the fortification, only to encounter several frag grenades that take them down, as the shock troops move forward and the commander gets ready to reorganize the team.

Or a small squad of commander, recon, and espionage have to sneak into a fortified south american villa. The spy captures an enemy uniform item from, say, a clothes line and sneaks into the compound. He can't do anything suspicious, but he can create convincing distractions so the guards keep their backs turned, or even just go scouting around the base, maybe taking out lone guards with a poison dart launched from a subsonic electric pistol (so as to avert noise and blood) and then carting off his body (a la Thief/Thief 2) to a remote area.

Something long term, but worth while =)

28th Mar 2000, 12:48 AM
Yes, Mr. T, I know what you're talking about with the human v. bot match, but that's not exactly what I meant (you can do that very easily by saying "we'll be team blue, the bots are team red" and then turning off force team balance.) What I had in mind was setting up maps specially designed for a spec ops experience in a multiplayer co-operative environment, with the influence on longer, stealthier missions with a class-based play. Each player can select a class, and then select a limited load out based on that class, and then you go about trying to complete an assault-like goal, but rather than against time (unless its a bomb threat) your job is to simply complete the goal. Maybe 4 people against a total of 30 bots, and maybe even some neutral bots that it would be a no-no to take down. Once you complete the mission, you move on to the next one in the server's rotation, rather than then having the bots play against you.