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31st Mar 2000, 05:30 PM
First, I apollogice if this as already been discussed... but I don't think so...

I saw in the roadmap that binoculars are planned. Two oder items that would be usefull, especially in dark matches, are two night vision systems... infrared and light amplification.

I have some trouble thinking of a swat team (or something similar) going in a dark building only with a flashlight...

What your opinion on that???

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31st Mar 2000, 05:42 PM
I especially like this idea. I think infrared would be fairly easy to implement, as far as graphics go, I mean, raise a modified binocular model, and then the screen washes out the colour going to a full-bright black and white pallette rotation, with some scanlines.

For the light amplification, (i'm assuming you mean CCF or "green" nv) I think it could be done, again, going fullbright and applying scanlines and a green-only pallette rotation.

Course, the fullbright may be needed to be dampened a little.

Also, going out into light with the night vision system enabled should cause temporary blindness (not very long, just a few seconds) but noticeable enough, like you're in a dark hallway, and then it goes to bright, it causes the nv system to have to rapidly recalibrate. Same with if you see a flash bang or grenade or whatnot go off directly, or somebody points their flashlight at you.

Of course, IR wouldn't be suscetible to the light trick (though intense thermals would do it, like grenades or flares) making them slightly more expensive for loadout, but still not infallible.

Even if nv systems have been brought up, it'd be nice to discuss their specifics and such, and the feasibility of 'em

added in in the edit: C7A1's a very nice gun, btw. Modified M16A1E1 with semi or full auto, with the carrying handle removed and replaced with a low profile sight. Nice to see another Canadian around here. =) Where did you train?

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Mr. T
31st Mar 2000, 05:56 PM
Check the "Infravision or nightgoggles" topic posted by white rabbit. On 2nd page right now I believe. It goes into some discussion on this.

1st Apr 2000, 07:42 PM
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I'm not sure how hard it would be to actually implement the goggles. I think Warren or Beppo said it would be pretty hard, but I'm not sure, it would just depend how you do it, because I have seen it done and implemented, scan lines and all.

Love how the on-topic comes at the end of my post. I'm just a chatty guy =P