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1st Apr 2000, 05:43 PM
One thing I'd like to point out, which I think would be a big improvament. I would think it would be better if you had the weapons postitioned different on the HUD. As a general rule it would look nicer if you could see the handle of the gun, even if you aren't aiming from the shoulder. Like the shotgun in the new screen shots, from 2.8, all you can see it the shotgun forgrip and a little bit of the rear. if you could see the grip it would allow a litlle more of the gun to be shown, and like you say the sucuess of the mod was mostly due to the realism of the weapons and being able to see more of the weapon in the HUD would be a really nice improvament.

1st Apr 2000, 07:08 PM
Well, the only beef I have with that is that it kinda detracts from the realism. I'd love to see a whole lot of the weapon in aimed mode, but only in aimed mode. I brought it up before that I thought it would be more appropriate to have the camera actually at eye-level, instead of staring out of your rib cage (I have eyes for nipples and nipples for eyes!) I love the gun models and all, and was pointed out is that you would have peripheral vision IRL to see the loverly weapons, but unfortunately I'd also be seeing out of my eyes in real life, as well.

Also, I think Only being able to see a little teensy weensy tad of the weapon in unaimed mode is pretty cool, because it actually does make it harder to aim.

Some people have said that they don't like using the iron sights because it feels "unrealistic," because it makes them basically have a weapon in their face, and that's why they don't like my idea of camera position and no crosshair.

But me, personally, I'd rather have my handgun resting directly on my chin than be a genetic freak.

Note that i was going to link to a picture of Ivan from The Odditie's Head, but the server that woulda had it is down or something. Oh well. So be it. He has a face in his chest. Its there to illustrate a point. I personally like The Maxx More, because he's a big blue and yellow badass, but hey.