View Full Version : Dealing with skins in a game after switching levels

White Rabbit
3rd Apr 2000, 05:03 AM
I dislike the fact that a team colour gives a certain type of camouflage, like red=jungle and blue=desert, etc. Both teams would be wearing jungle if they were in the jungle, or desert if they were in the desert. Perhaps as teams start each level, a little prompt pops up, such as:

0: Level default skin
1: Jungle skin
2: Desert skin
3: Urban skin

the person has 3 seconds to pick a skin before they revert to the default level skin.

As for games that require a colour for identification, such as CTF or AS, I had an idea for the skins.

Instead of having an INF soldier skin, have an INF soldier jungle skin, an INF soldier desert skin and an INF soldier urban skin.
This way each skin can have a change for colour.

As for colour identification, all helmets would be either red, blue, green or gold, depending on your team, as well as an arm band on your left arm that designates the team colour, and perhaps your backpack as well.

If you think this isn't realistic, look at the UN soldiers. They all have blue helmets or berets, and yet they wear army fatigues.

This would essentially allow team games where colour is a necessity, while maintaining realism.

3rd Apr 2000, 07:31 AM
we already went over something similar to this, actually.

My suggestion was basically the idea that the server admin be able to designate the team skins for a level. He has a map list, and for that map list, he has a skins list in the inf configuration, wherein he can set the skins for each team. ie: assault attackers where jungle, defenders where khakis, or for death match, team 'a' has this skin, team 'b' has this skin, and the only option you have is to select your face.

And if you don't have the skin, it gets auto-downloaded and cached for you.