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3rd Apr 2000, 07:37 AM
Here's how, if I had magical powers, I would revamp the grenade.

Primary fire throws grenade. Only. It doesn't arm it, it throws it. When you press primary fire, an indicator on the screen pops up. From this indicator you get an idea how far you're throwing it (let's be honest, its not all that realistic, but in real life, you'd know exactly how much power you were putting in the throw.) Note that throwing the grenade automatically releases the spoon, thus arming it.

Secondary fire pulls the pin. If secondary fire is pressed again, it will release the spoon. So you have to double click secondary fire to arm and hold the grenade. Then you can let the fuse burn for two seconds, and throw the grenade using primary fire.

The primary fire should charge fairly quickly, seeing as how adding more or less power to a throw only involves you cranking your arm farther back or forward, respectively. That way you could pull the pin, drop the spoon, hold the grenade for three seconds, run up to a fox hole, toss it in, and boot it out of there before the enemy truly has a time to react.

3rd Apr 2000, 10:42 AM
That's seem pretty straight forward... and logical too /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

But is it possible to bound 2 different (not simultanious) actions to the same key???

just asking...

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3rd Apr 2000, 04:04 PM
I believe its possible, yes, it just takes some... doing... heres what I think would happen. It would pretty much have to be scripted, in that (here's where my pathetic knowledge of BASIC comes in... NIBBLES!!!)

IF AltFire = True
AND GrenadePin = True
THEN DO GrenadePullPin
ELSE IF GrenadePin = False
AND AltFire = True
THEN DO GrenadeSpoonRelease
AND FuseIgnite = True

These are pretty much your redimentary logic statements (and I know those are all functions of the x86 pipeline, cause I studied that for my certification thingy) but I am REALLY, REALLY talking out of my ass on this one. Basically it says if you hit secondary fire, you pull the pin. If you hit secondary fire again, it will check to see if the grenade in your hand has the pin, and if it doesn't, it drops the spoon, and starts the fuse.

You know, if somebody tought me C++ and UnrealScript, I could probably make wicked code. I wish I could remember programming class. We learned all that stuff, and I always got 100% on everything, because I found ways to build all sorts of stuff in. Then I became an alcoholic pothead and now I can't remember past last Tuesday =(.

Damn lead paint...