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5th Apr 2000, 03:47 AM
I was watching one of those Phantasm movies a couple days ago, and I couldn't help but think that those little floating balls would be great for spectators in UT. I know this probably has a 0% chance of being inplemented in Inf, but I couldn't help but post it. Anyone in spectator mode would appear as a small silver ball that could fly around the level, maybe with a camera lens on the front. The players could even shoot the spectators and send the balls spinning out of control in a shower of sparks. Granted, it's pretty unrealistic, but maybe someone with some spare time would like to take a shot at it.


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5th Apr 2000, 04:16 AM
CounterStrike did a similar thing for ghosts. It's pretty cool. Probably shouldn't be a high priority for Infiltration however.

Jon Merriman
The Research Center

5th Apr 2000, 07:55 PM
i think as a seperate mod that would ROCK