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6th Apr 2000, 12:15 AM
I think I shouldn't have added "class" to my last post. My proposition for attributes is as customizable as gun selection, and shouldnt restrict how you want to play in any way.

The idea is simple. Some commandos would probably specialize or be better at doing certain things. Genetics does produce different strength of people. It also affects tons of other factors like height, muscle composition, and yadda yadda. Last, wouldn't it be alright to assume or desire your commando to have specialized in some forms of training rather than others?

This wouldnt be at all similar to TF's class system. With class's in that respect, you are limited to very few weapons, and picking a class based on the weapons you want will fixate you on a specific speed and armor level.

By picking what "attribute" you want strength in, however, gives a LOT greater variation to the game. You will be able to still use any weapon, carry any amount of armor, and play in any way you desire. The attribute picked will simply change the way you would use, or would preferably use each weapon, there would still be no restrictions to how you would want to customize your character.

My idea is to pick either one "specialized" attribute, or perhaps get to pick 2(so you could have an accurate, fast sharpshooter-agil/dex... or machinegunning close combat expert-agil/str). I have only 3 attributes put together for an example of this idea, so things would be kept extremely simple. Below are the attributes affects on how you play (revised).


Unhindered by weight;
Would get less kickback from weapons;
Highest health level;
Can carry more ammo/weapons, has higher carrying capacity;


Smallest reticle, most accurate;
Fastest reloader;
Fastest medical;
Cycles weapons/equipment fastest;
Least affected by damage when fighting;
Fastest at mechanical jobs;


Fastest reticle recovery for accuracy;
Brings weapons up to aim fastest;
Can fall farther;
Jumps the highest;


6th Apr 2000, 01:09 AM
I also think that that would be cool, physical and mental attributes that effect in game variables, like a height between x and x, one making you a bigger target but with a stronger constitution, and one making a more diminutive target but with less carrying power. Weight could also be a factor, heavy weight would effect speed negatively due to poor flexability, but also raise your body's constituition, and less weight could make you more lithe, but also more prone to getting your sweet ass capped easily.

Everything would need to have pros and cons, and be perfectly balanced, so that custom characters of height, fatness, speed, weapons handling, accuracy could be created. But that's pretty complex ratio tweaking, I've played with it a little and its hard to get the perfect handles on on what's fast, what's slow, what's tall, what's big, etc. But I do like it since it adds a slight roleplaying "class" element to the character, moreso eloborate than just the weapons. Of course, the ratios would have to be limited between some numbers, and hardcoded into the server package so that even if players said their height was 2 feet by local editing, the server would say "screw you, 5'8" minimum to get on this ride, bitch", though it probably wouldn't be so damn vulgar about it.

6th Apr 2000, 03:55 AM

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