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8th Apr 2000, 04:50 AM
Because I'm incredibly lazy, can one of the senior members of this board compile a web page of the best suggestions seen in this forum?

Chris Robbers
Infiltration Programmer

9th Apr 2000, 02:00 AM
If a new a darn diddly doo da dee about web pages, I would. I've wanted to make and INF website, but as you can tell, I don't know a darn diddly doo da dee about web pages...

9th Apr 2000, 02:16 PM
A text file, email, would work too. I just need something to look at for new ideas.

10th Apr 2000, 02:27 AM
I can do web pages, but not java scripting yet /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif (got to spend some time looking in to that stuff)
Give me the content and I might be able to do it...

10th Apr 2000, 03:47 AM
You talking to IR?