View Full Version : Soldier if Fortune, ahah.... and then snif...

5th Nov 2000, 08:54 AM
Well, Warren, i think u´re goin´to make UT some SOF like. GREAT!!! , althought i think it´ll be somehow dificult to manage the wounding stuff and so. I mean the players side. I have just one concern: the loss of playability. I play a lot of HL:Firearms and this bleeding thing realy makes it suck, cause u must find and/or use equip points to have them. So then I realy get myself thinking ´bout it: how will u do this??? I´be been a long time with INF and here in Brazil my LaN PaRtIeS always have UT:INF, and i think that if this feature of bleeding and so is not implemented the right way, it could screw all your work. Anytime, bye.