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22nd Feb 2001, 07:23 PM
This has been mentioned I'm sure but I think it should be brought up again lol. I think they should take the score out for each person and just have the team score. I think this would promote teamwork and we wont get the CS syndrome of "man you suck you are 10/7 with a 57 ping" sure we will still get that type around when INF becomes very popular (which it will) but I believe that this would cut it back some. Thoughts, Opinions, flames 8)


22nd Feb 2001, 07:35 PM
it makes sense but sometimes its nice to know how well you did with a quantitative answer not just good or bad. :)

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23rd Feb 2001, 02:58 AM
Instead of no individual score at all :
how about only showing your own score, but not that of the rest of the team.

A #kills vs #deaths score only means something if you have multiple lives enabled. So we'd probably need more than one type of stat.
For example :
- score (total 'damage' inflicted, the stat we have now)
- %accuracy (hits vs shots fired)
- efficiency (kills vs shots fired)
- 'assists' (defending the flagrunner in a CTF-game would be an example)
- etc.

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23rd Feb 2001, 04:43 AM
Something like JaFO suggests would be great but i think you should also get SOME information on your teammembers and perhaps also on the other team!

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23rd Feb 2001, 05:20 AM
How about using the scoreboard for something actually usefull other the ego-pumping? like:
-Status of teammembers (allright, injured, severely wounded, dead).
-Ammo (full/near full, ok, almost out, out).
-Position (would need zones added to the maps).
-Primary weapon (smg, AR, SAW, Sniper rifle).

In order to see these options you'd have to ask your teammebers for their status reports. The menu would then show the status report that was last reported. So if a soldier doesn't call in you can assume he's dead (and perhaps mark him as dead in the menu manually).
This could be a simple option in the voice menu.
In order to give a full status report in actual spoken word you'd need to tie certain words/sentences to the actual status of the soldier.


23rd Feb 2001, 06:46 AM
JaFO and the_fur

I like those points..something different at least then showing the score of each person (kills/deathes blah blah woof woof) I play CS a lot and sometimes people start to focus on "thier" score more then the teams score which in turn breaks the team work apart. Sure even without the score per person some dont have the patience/maturity whatever to play as a team but at least this way they have one less thing to focus on. In CS there are times when I will thow my body in front of the VIP (hardly anyone cares about him lol) to take the bullets for him so he can make it (good little soldier eh) and my score reflects that. Then I get a bunch of guys/gals saying how much I suck. Im not a god in CS but I dont believe I suck. Well just my two cents