View Full Version : *>>Claymore mines<< How sweet would that be ?

25th Mar 2001, 12:34 AM
Not sure how difficult they would be to program but it would be nice to have some for defense of sniper nests and flag areas. The would most likely need to be sensitive to other munitions as well so they could be cleared by the opposing team and be prone to accidental discharge if shot. Maybe make them fairly bulky so only one weapon and a pistol could be carried with them. Certainly it would take some time to plant them and set the trip wire so the user will be at risk. Just an idea. :eek:

The mod rocks and that's all there is to it. It kicks CS with one hand tied behind its back. Thanks for all of your hard work. Now I believe you boys owe me several weeks of sleep. PAY UP! :mad:

25th Mar 2001, 01:05 AM
Hey you know what? Claymore mines were in original Unreal version of Infiltration as were Flashbangs. Don't know if we'll ever see them again but I'm having a bout of nostalgia right about now... Going to fire up 2.6 for a bit...


25th Mar 2001, 02:36 AM
Looks like you'll have to rely on SF 1.60 for Claymore Mines for now :-P

Dr. Strangelove
25th Mar 2001, 10:36 AM
wow, I just remebered the flash bangs! Those were some cool beans!

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25th Mar 2001, 01:57 PM
I missed out on all that stuff.

All your base are belong to us! (http://www.d3fx.com/AYB2.swf)

25th Mar 2001, 06:19 PM
I don't want to see hords of people camping in rooms with claymore's at the door...


Cap'n Beeb
25th Mar 2001, 06:32 PM
Sadly, thats probably what would happen Boxster :\
Maybe a time limit on the claymores could make such camping impossible.


Cap'n Beeb
25th Mar 2001, 06:33 PM
Damn double post.

25th Mar 2001, 06:39 PM
That would probably happen. But you have to understand that that's what makes INF cool, you can do what ever you want - it's like real life. What real life military game would be complete without mines/claymores and all that army stuff. Common, give me a break with that "That asshole is camping!!" ****. If you don't like it, than play off line. That's what I do, or i'll play with people I know so that they play for fun.

25th Mar 2001, 08:46 PM
Or toss in a grenade or call an airstrike on his butt.. oh, wait. That was in the original version too.

25th Mar 2001, 11:25 PM
farrp, you have to understand that some things will hurt gameplay. Claymores encourage camping. Don't get me wrong here, and tell me sniping is camping too, cuz its not. Snipers are just as prone to getting killed as any other form of player. Claymore campers are likely to hide under tables, and wait for people to walk into rooms, then blow them to hell. I don't want to wait while dead staring at team mates do this.

I also don't want to have to nade every room I walk into to get rid of claymores on the ground...


25th Mar 2001, 11:43 PM
Well, that's not quite right because anybody can still camp under a table with a rifle and tag ya when you enter the room. The difference is that claymores would probably kill the camper if the INF team modeled all 700 steel balls bouncing around the room.

25th Mar 2001, 11:46 PM
You can't take cars away from people because some people drive drunk. I can't imagine playing a war mod without them being in there at some point. If the majority of people wan't them in there and the team has no prob with making them, then you shouldn't try to discourage the idea. Take me for example. I next-to-never play online. I find it more fun to play 2 on 8. (Me and a team mate vs 8 bots.) I sneak around the map and take then out one by one. The only time I play online is when I play with a friend or two and we don't camp or even snipe that much. Mines/claymore and the such would increase gameplay quite a bit for me. I get goosebumps just thinking of it. If anything, there should be a server option that will either allow or diable them. That way people like me can injoy them and other, that don't want them, can do without. I think as long as the INF team has no prob with it we should vote to see if the community wants them. If they don't, then fine, i'll learn to live without them. But how would you like it if people were saying to not include sniper rifles because people will only lay down and snipe everyone?? Solution: Make the mines a server option, but don't take them out because of what 'might' happen.

25th Mar 2001, 11:55 PM
Claymore's used to be in Infiltration, but they're not anymore. That about sums up the team's perspective on them...


26th Mar 2001, 02:30 AM
Or maybe they were simply not done yet... i welcome the claymore. It makes for some interesting ambush tactics.

Like this OFP mission where you have to ambush a russian convoy.

I like to set up explosives in a wave like orm every 20m or so and a land mine in the middle of the road about 10m in front of the 1st line of explosives.
As soon as the 1st tank hit's the mine i detonate the 1st wave, then the second 3rd etc. wipe out the entire convoy.

Now imagine this with inf players :D, it's their fault for not checking for ambushes in the 1st place. IMO it'll only make people pay more attention. the ones that are most prone to being blown up and wiped out are the stupid runners, they deserve to die anyway.

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26th Mar 2001, 08:09 AM
I don't see them as a problem for these reasons. One bandoleer carries one claymore, a "clakker", a tester, and a spool of cord with a det cap. This can get very bulky. It takes a minute or so to properly set one up. So there's a time factor. If you would walk around with a claymore and a det cap in it remind me to stay away from you. And finally, they're not like land mines. They have to be manually triggered by the person who set it up meaning one can't set it up and leave without watching it. So if you see a cord running from a bush into a building you know something's up.
I mean, they are a part of real life which is what this mod is striving for.