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24th Feb 2000, 06:10 AM
Yay !

My first map is now officially under betatesting. You can grab this ugly collection of 0's and 1's at :


It's still somewhat barebones and there are a couple of small bugs here and there but, still, enjoyable.

Of course I'm more than open to bug fixing, ideas and suggestions you guys might have (providing, of course, that I know how to implement them... my first map ever, don't forget /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif )

TO DO LIST (for next versions) :

*) Breaking glass - a must
*) Better lighting and better texturing for the ligth fixtures - another must
*) Side railings for the catwalks ? - Open to discussion. I've got mixed feelings that it'd add to the realism but detract from gameplay.
*) General eyecandy

Thanks to all who want to try this and give me a hand on bug fixes. You can let me know about anything in this thread or by mail to : chandler@planetchandler.com

Thanks a bunch again and hope you like it. It'll get better.

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25th Feb 2000, 06:00 AM
I played your map about 12 times last night with 7 skilled bots. I am currently working on my first map also - not a 'real' map, that will be my second effort-. I'll start by telling you what I like about it.
1. Shooting the bots through the iron grating of the walkways. Takes the edge from bots trying use the advantage of height. Also will allow bots to shoot at you if you miss any sniper attempts. Railings may be a good idea here as I saw several bots just jump right off the tallest walkways resounding with a loud "uhh...", I'm sure they took some damage from that.
2. Exploding barrels by the best goods. Want that body armor? Better make sure there is no one watching as you sneak in after it.
Keep in mind I am no expert just an avid player and recently addicted mapper when reading about what I didn't find so cool.
1. I saw a bot jumping repeatedly in the air by the body armor near the exploding barrels. Easily fixed, don't know if you ever noticed this.
2. The long second floor hallway connecting the two buildings together could use some cover. It was easy to take bots out at extreme distances even with the pistol, and vice-versa. A little cover on this hallway could make for some more interesting firefights.
3. There was one set of stairs that was incredibly steep. It didn't slow down play but it definately subtracts from the 'real factor'.
Judging form your to-do list you already are on track to providing sources for the lighting. I will play it some more and see if I can notice anything else, overall the map was pretty fun. Keep mapping.

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25th Feb 2000, 08:36 AM
Paralax :

Tnx for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the map in this beta2 stage (as I like to call it). It's gonna get much better... beta3 is almost 60% done now... I just want to fine tune everything and deal with any issues you guys find that need to be corrected.

beta3's got (so far) much better lighting and I'm almost finished implementing breaking glass. I'll also find a way to apply your comments in the map.

As for your observations/suggestions :

1) Shooting thru the grating - And ain't that fun ? /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I've seen only a few maps with grates as catwalks and they're not rare to find in RL.

2) Exploding barrels - As Ryan from RealMaps suggested, in some cases it can detract from the realism (unless the map is a fuel depot, which is not Dirty Depot's case). And he's got a point there. I'm still trying to decide if barrels should explode or not, and if they should, how many. I'll try some variants in gameplay and see how they work.

And now the 'not-like' list /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif :

1) Jumping bot by the body armor - Already fixed in b3.
2) The 'Death Hallway' - Yes and very much yes. That part needs a lot of tweaking... during testing, from behind the barrels on the top grating in the body armor room I could take bots as far as the other end where the grenade launcher is. Needs tweaking and a lot. From the top of my head I'm thinking about putting some big boxes on the way. Other than that I can't think right now of a way to solve that without a major geometry change to that area.

3) The stairs. I think you're referring to the ones from the grenade launcher area to the top section. Another major geometry change is needed to improve that. We'll see. Honestly, that's not really high on the improvement list so far /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Again tnx for your comments and I'm very glad you liked it (that's the whole point of this....)

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25th Feb 2000, 09:01 AM
Hope my comments were helpful. The boxes for the hallway are jsut what it needs. maybe stacked along the walls like they might be in RL. Just a couple choice areas of cover would change the nature of the battle in that section. Your map is now up in the official beta testing section with screen shots. Is the version posted there any different from the one I pulled from your link on the message board? I guess I'll have to go install and check it out. The exploding barrels may not be overly real, but they are cool for multi kills :-)
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25th Feb 2000, 11:38 PM
Nope... the version on the link at the top of this thread is the same one the guys at RealMaps have (beta2).

I'll finish everything and release beta3 monday or tuesday at worst.

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