View Full Version : INF-AS-Nuclear Missle Compound

20th Mar 2000, 05:50 PM
I'm currently developing an old Nuclear Missle Launch Facility. If anyone has any ideas of architecture or an endind scene please reply. The objectives are: 1)Destroy the small power generator to open the main gates (don't know how they coincide, but I'm keeping it). 2) Move to the main tower to open the security hall blast doors. 3) Engage the auto-gun shut-off terminal at the middle of the hall in a small room. 4) Before the war head is placed in the missle, it's stored in a small room. Disarm the warhead using the control terminal. 5) Destory the missle in Silo 2. If you shoot the missle in Silo 1 then it will explode and you fail the assualt mission.