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22nd Mar 2000, 07:15 PM
Any chance that one of you talented mapping blokes would do a Rainbow 6/Rogue Spear map conversion for INF? It'd be great. All the R6/RS maps are IMHO very balanced for teamplay, they are realistic and look awesome. Anyways, for example these maps would own in Infiltration.

R6 maps which would work well in INF:

-Embassy, it's a really basic embassy map with really nice layout and it looks awesome.
-Hacienda, kinda like a average drug barons villa and it'd be perfect for a assault map or something (maybe a drug refinery in the basement or something)
-Mint, now this is my all time favorite map ever! Perfect layout, perfect architecture, all around perfect map for just about any game mode. I'll be eternally grateful if someone makes a conversion of "the mint" for Infiltration.
-Road Ambush, this would so own in team standoff...

Rogue Spear maps which would work well in INF:

-the museum, this would need a ****load of new textures though...
-kosovo city map, IMHO this is a perfect city map.
-spa, also a nice map...

Any one of these would totally rock...then again, any Rainbow 6/Eagle Watch/Rogue Spear map would totally rock...

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Evil Joe
23rd Mar 2000, 02:36 PM
I think the big reason why you don't see alot of people doing map conversions is that you don't get alot of credit, I mean its someone else's work to begin with. Me, I'd rather create my own maps. But that is just me. Another thing is different system different game, should have different maps. I believe it would be a mappers best interest to get ideas from great maps from other games but I'm a firm believer that converting maps for a mapper is a waste of time. Although it isn't the easyiest thing in the world to do right, and I have dled all the 007 maps and the residant evil maps from back in the reg unreal days, I still don't think its worth it.

24th Mar 2000, 03:06 PM
yeah, i guess you're right... Hopefully someone would still try doing a R6 map...