View Full Version : Map Suggestion - Old Skoolers will know this

22nd Mar 2000, 11:22 PM
If any of you old skoolers out there have ever played Rescue: The Embassy mission for the NES (a precursor to R6, and really, really fun), you'll know right away what I'm talking about, and this would be a great idea for AS/INF.

The Map is laid out like this: A section of the streets is cordoned off by police special forces and terrorists are holed up in an embassy holding the ambassadors hostage. The embassy is surrounded by three streets, and the last side of the embassy is inaccesible. The police snipers need to position themselves on three large buildings surrounding the embassy and they can snipe through the windows when the see a terrorist pass by.

The other special units need to enter from a helicopter on the roof, and conduct a sweep of the building. I think the easiest way to do this would be to set three spawn points for the snipers on the streets, and then spawn the rest of the players in the chopper.

Players then enter the building (in the original you repelled down the side, though that would be a little hard to do, so I mean, just enter through the roof entrance [maybe you need to disable the door lock as a mission goal]) and from there you conduct a sweep of the building, try to eliminate terrorists and free the hostages. How you'd do the hostages is up to you, though some ingenuity could come into play. Terrorists could of course kill the hostages, but they make good protection from police bullets. A time limit of ten minutes could be imposed (the terrorists have a bomb in the embassy - damn suicide cults) and the police have to escort everybody out before that bomb detonates.

If anybody can make this map, you will be my hero. I will love you for all time.

Think about how perfect this would be for a standoff. Everybody spawns next to their weapons (sniper rifles for the snipers, M-16s for the terrorists and the MP5s for the boys in blue) and some body armour to act as a bullet proof vest they all have. The teams have to coordinate themselves so strategically on this map since the breach team is seperated from the snipers, and the terrorists are barricaded and face threats from both inside the building and from the windows on all floors and all sides.

Team communication and resource management would be paramount, and it would all in all be a really cool map.

Please, somebody say you love me and make this.