View Full Version : problem with UnrealED. PLEASE HELP ME!!

23rd Mar 2000, 02:18 PM
I just bought UT, finally. But when I try to run the UnrealED.exe, I just get this error message that PICCLP32.0cx is missing or a invalid file. I just spended 50$ on a editor that don`t work, please help me!!

23rd Mar 2000, 06:38 PM
I believe you have just made the best purchase of your life.... ha ha ho ho.

The only problem is that you need to do some reading.....

Please install the editor property.

You must be running version A of Win95

On CD2 of UT you will find a directory ?/UnrealEd/UnrealEdInstaller.exe

You will see that the actual exe is identical to the one on your system already, what the installer does is to update some of your Active-X system components, should be completly painless.


24th Mar 2000, 10:41 AM
thats not neceseary!
i just searched the whole net for that picclp32.ocx and d/l it. You also need msoutl32.ocx and e few more. You can mail me and i will send you those .ocx files


(for files only)

24th Mar 2000, 12:43 PM
um, i'd have to say it's easier to just run the installer, it only takes a few seconds...


24th Mar 2000, 02:37 PM
Indeed ummmmm... lol, Why on earth would you want to search the net for installable system components, have to download them, then manually register them with the reg tool on your system when they are in a easy to install exe provided.

Shheeeesh.... ta for your support Lost /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif