View Full Version : Boring weekend ? AS-Troopers beta is out!

24th Mar 2000, 03:20 AM
Yup... finally.

The beta for AS-Troopers is out. It's fully playable and enjoyable.

You can snag it from :

Make sure you read the readme... you're gonna need some textures and all packages are detailed in the readme.

Also, if the nice guys at RealMaps decide to post it, it should be on their beta section too.

On a side note, please please check out the Map Info and Design Notes for AS-Troopers at http://www.planetchandler.com/utshrine.html

I think that at least they're a good read for mappers and, who knows... maybe the design notes can help a starting mapper on something. That's the whole reason I'm starting to document everything. If you read them, please let me know what you think.

Thanks a bunch and enjoy the beta... the final version should be out soon.

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