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24th Mar 2000, 03:58 PM
I'm working on something...(well, who's not?)... I'm working on a version of the hunted for UT.. I just started, and the problems are, I don't know a f*ck about Unreal script, and I was hoping I could do it with the map and bot configuration only.. So that I don't have to do a lot of script writing.
I have tried several things now:

I set a bot in the game(from the classes list), and made it an assault point.
This works, but if I shoot my "hunted" when I am the "defender" the asaault team can not shoot him anymore so they will loose.
Another thing, the "Hunted"bot can't be played by a Human player.. So it's always a bot.
the second problem is, you can't play assault with more than 2 teams..(and the hunted needs 3!...)
I'm still trying several other things, Like making this "Mod" a real mod so you can chose THE HUNTED in your start menu.
My script writing sucks, and when I say suck I realy mean it's zero.. I'm still learning.
Mapping? OK I can say: I'm a mapper, I know how to make maps and how to use them (duh!)
I'm doing this as a hobby, and I would like to make this whole MOD thing work.
If anybody is interested and knows how to write Uscript, or knows how to map... well, your welcome to join me making (trying to make) this "MOD".. Please mail me if you can help me with this.

And of course, it is suposed to be realistic..
Thanks for reading?..!

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24th Mar 2000, 06:28 PM
Please in no way take this as a discouraging remark but....

This game play idea is part of the Infiltration road map ideas for version three, Assassination a player of bot being the mission objective to either defend the hunted player or assassinate them...

I know for a fact that this mod will require a lot of special script, bot_ai and much more.

So if you wish to see your "Hunted" idea thru to be a real mod, you will have to master Uscript to achieve it... /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

You have about a 3 month learning curve ahead of you even if you are a proficient programmer to start with.

Again I must stress that this message was not meant to discourage you or put you off, the hunted idea is a good one...


24th Mar 2000, 07:05 PM
I didn't know it took so much Script writing..
I put togeter some sort of hunted in about one night, and of course this was a horrible version.. But I tought somebody could help me..with a few changes in an assault script for a third team..
I think I'll just try to make something of it and if it is not going to be something..?
And of course I'll be waiting for The Infiltration 3.0 version and whatever comes next

Frag me harder baby!..
.. Ouch.. that hurts..