View Full Version : My Map Editor didn't have a help file. And Misc. Questions

25th Mar 2000, 11:20 PM
Of course if you've read the title then you know of part of my problem. The other is 1)How do you use any type of teleporter? 2)How do you move the player start position from one area to the next after a completed objective? 3)How do you get the screenshot required for the level picture on the multiplayer menu (if none it's just black)? 4)Does anyone know where to get modeling tools and skinning tools? 5)Where do I use ZoneInfos? 6)Where do I use dispatchers? 7)How do I get my name on the screen shot? 8)How do I make new weapons? 9) How do I lower the polycount? And I'm not frustrated or anything, I'm feeling normal. Sorry about no please or thank you. As of now I thank everyone who replies to my message. And I've, too have looked around alot and haven't found the best overall tutorial. The one at, I think it was this one, UnrealEd was outdated (it referred to the old Unreal). But I'll try once again. And sorry about any confusion that this message may have caused in the matter of wording it sounding aggressive and frustrated. I just wanted to know this stuff.

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26th Mar 2000, 02:39 AM
Nobody has a help file, it was never written. As for your misc questions, start at http://www.unrealed.net for some answers.

26th Mar 2000, 02:19 PM
stop! ssttop!! it's all too much!

Go read all the tutorials. Wolf's is also a good spot to look. I used to have a bookmark for the tutorial listing/database...but that pre-oops I just formatted Windows98. Perhaps someone else does.

But read them all, then play around, then ask one question at a time. Especially *those* questions. Asking how to make a new weapon in the same line as how to lower pcount is the quickest way to get no real answers.

26th Mar 2000, 03:43 PM
To say what has been said above but only louder...

There are many Unreal editor resource sites out there, many news groups, all you need it available to you.. you need to spend some time like we all have had to, and locate it.

I personnally don't like your tone, not even a please or a thankyou, you seem frustrated by something, level designers need a cool head otherwise you will fail, I can only assume that you have things normally put on a plate for you...

There are common courtesies that should be used here on this message board.

A please and a thankyou goes a long way and I expect all of us that give our knowledge and experience freely and at some time cost I must add would feel better helping guys like yourself.

I appreciate that the written english may be tricky for you guys where the english language is not your mother tonge, but hey the word is "Please" or "Thankyou"

End of rant... nuff said...