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FwO Raven
26th Mar 2000, 05:11 PM
I have usually make terrains for other games (Delta Force 1/2) but I tied it now also for unreal tournament, but I have several problems. I got a terrain I made in Bryce4 exported as dfx file which I tried to import as brush in UnrealEd, but many faces where missing after I rebuild the bsp, someone told me to make sure that the imported brush is below 500 polygons, so I took it into 3d studio max and cut it down until it had just below 500, but the face problem was still there, why? (how can I fix this, what is the CORRECT way you all where talking about?)
is there any other way to import a 3d model into UnrealEd (ANY other way)?

Any help would really be appreciated!

Oh and I don't know for sure but after the screen shots I saw from TerraEdit, it seems that it does not use adaptive triangulation (it saves a lot of faces), for example in Bryce a terrain exported with grid triangulation has 5000 faces, however using adaptive triangulation it is down to 1750 faces and still has almost the same detail.

Evil Joe
26th Mar 2000, 08:39 PM
ahhh well you can make terrains in UT using various methods (which are more of an art then a science so their isn't exactly a good tute on this)

ugh do NOT use the floorlofter as it is a complete piece of ****

also go to bebbo's site which I believe is www.planetunreal.com/realworld (http://www.planetunreal.com/realworld) there is a terrain editor their... I've never actually used it (although one of these days I'm determined to give it a try).... I've seen some of the stuff made by it and some dude on this forum is making tuts on it I believe... that would probably be your best method.

Ugh I do believe you can make (based on what I"ve seen) about as good terrains the old fashion way but the terrain editor HAS to be easier and faster. Well why are you still reading this go get it?

26th Mar 2000, 09:10 PM
When you're importing make sure you set Solidity as "Nonsolid" and Cleanup as "Keep original polygons intact". This holds true for terrains made in Terraedit so I assume the same for Bryce4.

26th Mar 2000, 10:25 PM
TerOmen, you're right about the "Keep the original polygons intact" part, but IMO very wrong with the other "non solid" part.
Never ever use non solids in unrealed (except for watersheets or zoneportals) !

So to be clear : a solid mesh which keeps the original polygons intact.
BTW. If the terrain is non solid, you would fall through it no ? Or am I missing something here ?

26th Mar 2000, 10:47 PM
I think it's a differant kind of nonsolid. Andrew made that note in the terraedit docs and i've followed it since. True though, using nonsolids in levels isn't a good idea. Just add the brush as a solid.

FwO Raven
26th Mar 2000, 11:40 PM
Thanks for the help /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif i have got it, i used 3dsmax to extrude the faces and the caped the resulting holes, after i imported it into unreal i just subtracted it and it worked perfectly. Even though the whole brush had 1900 polygons i did not have any bsp holes, however i don't know if that was just luck.

Now what is the best way to do lighting in an large out door terrain? i used zone ambient light but that makes everything look flat, and i don't want to place 1000 lights around the terrain...

27th Mar 2000, 01:58 AM
Please try to understand my viewpoint on this matter, TerOmen indeed may be very good at terrain construction this is not in dispute at all or my problem with him.

My problem is this... I want to make levels that I and others can play NOT JUST look at, and expect most if not all of you do too.

Please guys... the point I am making in very simple just watch that polycount that is all.

I wouldn't want any of you guys wasting your level making time constructing stuff that you would not be able to play... remember the current engine will only deal with 100-240 poly on view at any one time max on a PII350 3D carded system with maybe 11 bots any more polys and the level will become very unpleasant to play.

TerOmen please stop leading these level designers down a dark alley, importing brushes as non-solid, what on earth are you saying...

Andirez good call you are not missing anything here dude /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I must say also at this point publically, do not insult me again TerOmen, all I am doing is my job as moderator, nothing more.

You are way out of line with your self promoting links and often incorrect information.


27th Mar 2000, 05:21 AM
Bastard_O: No comment.

Importing as nonsolid refers to whether the brush contains holes in it or not. A house with windows would be nonsolid, a terrain with overhanging cliff gaps etc would also go under this rule. I'm not really sure why it also works best on flat terrains but it does, and that's what matters most.

I'm making that outdoor map playable and I can promise everyone a p2 350 will fly through it.


27th Mar 2000, 06:24 AM
"No Comment" indeed I really wish you would not make any comments at all.

Your input to the message board so far has been IMHO dubious to say the very least.

I question your motives for being here, self promotion, just what are you playing at, people that visit here and after reading your input would go away and waste hours of time.

Again, not sure why I am saying this again, but I have no trumpet to blow (maybe an English expression sorry guys) but my job as a moderator is to stop mis-information.

Question: you wouldn't be a StrikeForce mapper by chance would you... sent in to Infiltrate the Infiltration message boards. Sorry that was unnecessary, but funny, well I laughed for a while, stranger things have happened btw. Sorry in advance any SF dudes out there reading this EPIC thread, it was trying to be funny.

We are using UnrealED are we not, you say "a house with windows would be non-solid", if you imported a t3d file that was a house with windows, I would want there not to be holes, I know exactly what you are referring to here but sadly your choice of example was wrong, we are talking level geometry here are we not. Any holes in level geometry will give the bsp engine code a problem.

Over hang cliffs humm indeed ok for eye candy that you wouldn't walk on and again viewed from a certain angle there would be a bsp hole or holes.

Please a question, do you have the Infiltration mod installed on your machine, I wouldn't have a problem if you didn't I am just curious ?


Anyway I look forward to your playable level.

Yep and I must be honest here, you have my full attention, I have some amusing ideas for a challenge for you if you are game for a laugh... In every way the Infiltration community will benifit, which is the only positive reason for this message.


27th Mar 2000, 06:46 AM
StrikeForce mapper? heh, no

Yes Infiltation is installed(how would I have made dm-desolatesands after all). As well as the older versions of Inf and Sepentine for Unreal1.

I guese I can answer one negitive comment, as it doesn't seem that negative at all really. Outdoor levels don't have to have bsp errors. DM-DesolateSands having bugs doesn't make me a bad author. I had a slow computer at the time and built all the objects seperately and imported them, which caused some problems. I got 90% of them out before the first release /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif imagine how bad it was before that first version ... lol