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29th Mar 2000, 02:46 AM
Its been tried before I bet but I think it would be cool to have three or four people working on the same map. Anyone interested post a reply.

29th Mar 2000, 05:40 AM
Sounds interesting...make sure everyone agrees to and knows which texture are going to be used ahead of time. This could add a little time to the construction process but from the experience I had UEd has an enormously hard time eliminating associations with texture files. For example if you use a bunch of custom textures and don't want to include all the texture packs, but wish to rip individual textures out of the packs and create your own...it is easiest and quickest to rip the textures and create the custom pack before you start mapping. This way you don't run in to any file association problems. I don't know if this kind of stuff has happened to many people (RegularX explained it to me) but I had to remake an entire map to clear up file association(texture) problems. A good artist would come in handy in a situation like this because she/he could draw up some of the areas, color and shade them...and the mappers would get a good feel for what textures would look good. Then a good texture pack could be put together ahead of time and unnecesarry files (ones not used) could easily be deleted without causing UEd to GPF error out.
Sounds like a really cool idea. I am new to UEd so I don't know if you would want my help but I like the idea.

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29th Mar 2000, 06:51 AM
Very interesting Gunslinger, maybe this approach to the team build may work..

A Geometry dude does the Geometry.
A Texture dude does the texturing.
A Lighting dude does the lighting.
A Path node dude does the path nodes.
A specific game type dude... etc etc.

The whole build-team does the level play testing, ideas back in the pot...

Might be worth a try, of course when the level is in your domain, you could always brain storm this and that and who ever holds the level (like a library book) can make the relevent level build-team changes to any part be it their particular skill or not..

Humm that may work...


29th Mar 2000, 08:22 AM
Hey... if you ever want to start a mapping team count me in ! I'm just starting but I've got a lot of ideas.... I'm full of them (THEM...full of them, not 'it')...

Plus I can do a little bit of everything if needed... I offer my help.

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Mr. T
30th Mar 2000, 05:23 PM
That's a very cool idea. I've played around with Ued for about a week, creating basic maps to help teach myself how to use the tool. Anyway, it sounds interesting, that is if I ever thought I could get to a point where I'd be any use to anyone else. Right now I'm still an ignoramous, and would only be a nuisance.

I need to take an entire weekend to just read through all the discussions in this forum. I could probably learn a lot from that alone.

It sure would be nice if I knew someone who could actually show me some things first hand. Aw well.

Note to self: Make friends with people who know how to map.

30th Mar 2000, 07:13 PM
Mr. T,
Just keep at it and don't stop asking questions about how to do things. Also check out all the tutorials (I literally have a book hundreds of pages long full of various tutorials that call me away from college textbooks everyday). Everyone on these forums are here to help (when they have time) and you can always get some cool advice. Anytime you are playing around with maps if you get stuck or have question post it here, or email me and I'll see if I can answer the question. If I can't, chances are I can point you in the direction of a good tutorial (some days at work are just to dull...what to do? Find kick-ass tutorials! At least that what I hear might be fun if your boss doesn't find out...hehehe) Heck you can email me your map, I'll cruise around in it, tell you what I think, and try to help...this could help make our initial beta releases even better. That's what this is all about...I think.

That would be me...gettin' fragged.

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Mr. T
30th Mar 2000, 08:26 PM
Thx Paralax. I'll do that. My main tutorial resource has been www.unrealed.net (http://www.unrealed.net) I haven't located any other really good ones yet. But I've read through at least 2/3 of the ones on unrealed.net and a handful of some others. I'm going to go through a majority of the discussions on this forum this weekend, to at least help me better understand some basic concepts that may have been discussed here already. I've started to work on a map idea I have to help me progress through some basic ideas as well. And I've started to put a more advanced map idea together in my head as kind of a longer term goal for myself. But right now, I have exactly zero confidence of ever creating anything deemed to be "impressive"

But thanks for the encouragement, I'll see ya around the forum world.

30th Mar 2000, 11:15 PM
Anyone that can make something can contribute to this map. Just e-mail me or post a reply. When everyone that wants to try it joins well start discusing the map.

30th Mar 2000, 11:20 PM
err.......echo /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif