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4th Apr 2000, 03:31 PM
I have a map that is 80% done for INF-AS. As many of you know while you are learning to use Ued it is easy to get off track from the current project that you are doing because you have so many new ideas that you want to try or implement. Anyway if anyone wants the map for prefabs or to finish it or whatever just ask I'll send it to ya.

5th Apr 2000, 02:33 AM
Just out of curiosity (having recently scrapped another map meself), why are you scrapping it?

5th Apr 2000, 11:49 AM
I'm scrapping the map because when I started it I was still learning the editor ( still am of course ) and started building it for practice. Durring the course of building it (BTW its pretty damn good if I dont say so myself )I started comming up with other ideas and things I want to try.

5th Apr 2000, 12:31 PM
Yeah, I know... making a map is easy but being satisfied when you're finished, knowing meanwhile which other stuff you could have done, isn't.
I guess this is also the mean reason why a lot of mods don't get finished. That's why I think it's a great idea that the INF team sticks with the roadmap and tries finishing that first before trying something else.

I also have an unifished level which features a pretty cool farm (with a very though to make roof) with different chambers, an attic,... and some furniture so far. Maybe I'll finish it some day...

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