View Full Version : destruction!!!

13th Apr 2000, 05:48 PM
i've got this mover here, see, and i want it to blow up...after sustaining a bit of damage. however, the damage threshold setting is damage per hit, not in total. i.e. if i set it to 50, i can blow it up with a 40mm grenade, but not with 2 m16 bullets. is there a way to change this? hmm...actually that's not terribly realistic, blowing it up with a bunch of bullets, but i can't say "ok, now kill these guys, but you have to save a grenade for the end..." can i? what if someone is stupid and they don't have any more grenades? i guess i can put an hk69 in the armory...hmm...ok, thanks guys! i got the answer! but you all helped anyway!