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16th Apr 2000, 05:50 PM
oops. I accidentally sent an out of date version of DOM-SecretINF to NaliCity.
The correct version was just uploaded...

So if you've downloaded already, I apologize.
And if your one of the RealMap reviewers, please review the new version! The error was very small... just a missing texture.

Sorry guys...

17th Apr 2000, 01:41 PM
Glad you told me, I had the missing texture noted in my rev and the new version isnt on NC yet...

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18th Apr 2000, 04:20 AM
It was a silly mistake. I've been having a bunch of Email problems. So I decided to upload it to a friend so he could post it. But of course, I gave him the wrong one.

I was just at Nali City and the updated version is there...

Look forward to the review...