View Full Version : The BEST Map for INF is out!

8th Feb 2000, 03:54 PM
I have just played the BEST level for INF 2.7, AS_Terrain. Stop reading, start dowloading NOW here: http://www.planetunreal.com/realworld/wip.html Make sure that you download the RWolrd texture pack and it wouldn't be a bad idea to dowload them all, as well as Beppo's mods at the bottomof the page. The level is by INF Team Member Mike 'Bastard'O' Young. It is truly amazing, and we wanted to give everyone a heads up, and we will have a review up later today. This level has LADDERS you can climb, controllable machine guns and much more. It is a masterpiece and gives you a taste for the quality of what 3.0 will be like AND it runs well on slower machines. If you want to be an Infiltrator, you need this map!

Got real maps? Get the goods at:

8th Feb 2000, 04:59 PM
Hehe, got it already

8th Feb 2000, 07:04 PM
That map truly kicks ass, the turrets kick ass, the outdoor areas kick ass, the train kicks ass, the ropes dangling at the respawn points kick ass, the cave system kicks ass.

On a side note: How is the INF team going to balance the M249? I loved the turrets in the map and they made me want to pick one up and walk around with it. (hint, hint)

I wasn't too excited abou the insvisible missile launcher on the turrets though.

11th Feb 2000, 08:13 PM
Derek, Thanks for your kind comments regarding the Terrain level, the static guns are were only for a bit of fun /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif The missile that they fire I agree is lethal /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif it is a Unreal1 rocket which has been modified my me to be very fast, explode on impact and send out schrapel, like the flak grenade but it is a shell not a rocket, You can see it btw it is just fast.

Not many people know this but Infiltration allows the Cheat of FOV key binding so if you want to see the shell do this...

Set these setting for your user defined preferences for aliases and key bindings.

Extract below from my USER.INI file.

Aliases[25]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 5",Alias=Zoom5)
Aliases[26]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 10",Alias=Zoom10)
Aliases[27]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 20",Alias=Zoom20)
Aliases[28]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 40",Alias=Zoom40)
Aliases[29]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 90",Alias=Zoom90)

C=Zoom20 | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90
B=Zoom5 | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90
V=Zoom10 | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90
X=Zoom40 | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90

What this does it allow for zooming in so my I can press X,C,V,B on my keyboard for zooming in so different Field of views

So zoom in on an object fire a shell from the static weapons which are too heavy to carry btw and you will see the shell speed towards its target...