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21st Apr 2000, 04:25 AM
I was over at the SWAT UT forum (Just keep reading, it's not an off-post) and I noticed a guy named 'Ze Mad' wanted people to test his beta map called 'Supermarket'. So I downloaded it. DAMN! with a little work, this could be a kick arse map.
Go download it now...here are the url's::
(First download the textures from the first link and then the map from the second link)


When you play this map check out the doors. When you shoot them they fly open and the door knobs are broken off. (Very cool!!) This should be incorperated into every real life map. (except the door should stay open instead of closing and only things weapons like a shotgun, granade, or HK69 should open the doors.)
CoffyCan:: The textures may be a little dull in some places, but this mapper could be the next T.Alan. Please try to recrut him by message board.


22nd Apr 2000, 12:45 AM
I'll get with CoffeyCan and we will take a look at this map.

By the way, any mapper can be the next T. Ahlen: Just a matter of mapping your brains out like he does.

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