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Paul & Paul
22nd Apr 2000, 02:51 PM
We have no unreal editor help file for some reason it has really messed up, wed really like some very very nice person to send us the help file or to tell us how to work textures decorations and pretty much everything we can handle the very very basics but thats it thanks

22nd Apr 2000, 03:24 PM
just check out www.unrealed.net (http://www.unrealed.net) fore some tut's and check out www.unreality.dk (http://www.unreality.dk) and you have to serach their filearea for the unofficial help file.
Also visit www.decyber.com/unreal (http://www.decyber.com/unreal) for some good tut's.
Or www.ozunreal.com (http://www.ozunreal.com)

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Paul & Paul
23rd Apr 2000, 01:29 PM

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24th Apr 2000, 03:59 PM
To my knowledge no official help file exist although I did catch word that one was being made by some third party... dunno though I wasn't interested in it. Just read the tutes and post questions here and you should be set.

when you get into triggers and movers check these out


these are what I use and they have been the best source of info I could scrounge.

26th Apr 2000, 05:15 PM
the inofficial help file was made .. ehm by somebody ... with some tutorials by wolf however... you can get this little thingie on almost every unrealED related site

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