16th Nov 1999, 07:06 AM
the bots in the Q3demoTEST make the bots in the UTdemo look like ****.
so now Q3 leads in bots, graphics, soundfx, models, weapon balance, level design and gameplay... lets see whats left? music and GUI??? wow the GUIs handy in the middle of a deathmatch- "everyone stop for a second i just gotta pull up my lovely GUI so i can change some settings!!!" and music? well with id softwares history of great music in the last two Quakes i think thats pretty much in the bag...
what was the name of that game you guys play again??? the one with the lame attempt at an engine thats like 5 years old? the one that hasn't improved since the last game? the one with the ridiculously powerful weapons (ALL of them) and the buggy AI on the bots? hahahahahaha sorry epic... UT = strike two... one more and you're out. (though i've got a feeling epics basically dead after this game fails miserably- like the last one)

16th Nov 1999, 09:25 AM
the bots in q3a dont FEEl real.. the play ok.. but are not FUN! the gfx in ut can kick the crap outa q3a! the netplay in UT kills
q3a... the sound... HAHAHAHA!!! u ever herd the sounds q3a makes... sounds like a bunch of old ladys! and sound... ya right what ever... ID might have better sounding but they will not have anything that adds to it..

so get lost.. q3a is dead...

Email: jess@cadvision.com
ICQ: 204742

16th Nov 1999, 09:26 AM
last to sounds should be music... man... i should get more then 4 house of sleep /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

Email: jess@cadvision.com
ICQ: 204742

16th Nov 1999, 09:59 AM
And SS next time you attempt to defend UT.
formulate a coherent sentence!!!

IF YA SMELL ...LA! LA! LA! LA! What The Rock is cooking.

The Rock is without a shadow of a doubt the most elecrtifying poster in PlanetUnreal Entertainment in the world today.

BoBVila ][
16th Nov 1999, 01:14 PM
WoW you are right. Quake' music kicked all *** !!

I mean, how could you not like those insanely repetitive NiN tunes on Q1? Or those kickass FAGGOT tunes on Q2?

Level design BHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH you sir are funny...w00, a map with a toungue on it. Way cooler than a map with a high speed train or a starship or a pirate ship. PFFT get your bitch *** in the kitchen and make me some pie!


16th Nov 1999, 02:02 PM
What was that game that you play again? That game that has the same old iron works theme from Doom. You would think that ID would think of something new by now. Just goes to show you how many Lemmings there are out there that can't think for themselves and play something new and different.

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16th Nov 1999, 10:04 PM
This guy registered just to flame UT. As dedicated Unrealers, this guy should be flamed away from our land!

Get the Quaker!

(I know some of you are Quakers, but if you are playing UT or Unreal, then you are not a complete idiot and therefore must defend this game against those who would dare attack it unfoundedly.)

I never felt so alive! ZZZzzz...

16th Nov 1999, 11:15 PM
Well this is my defence of UT:

Q3 and UT are coming out at roughly the same time, they both cost the same and I've played both the UT demo and the Q3 'Demotest'.

I'm getting UT. 'Nuff said.

16th Nov 1999, 11:25 PM
I am getting them both because I LOVE TO GAME BABY!!!!! Gamers are getting to sound like a bunch of old church ladies.

17th Nov 1999, 01:30 AM
Nice one Sky. I love gaming too but I love playing hockey as well so I've gotta equally distribute funds between my two passions /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

Anyway, I don't like Q3 much.

17th Nov 1999, 03:55 AM
ok lets see

SS- the bots don't feel real? what and the lame UT bots do? you mean the bots where all you gotta do is crouch while they charge at you with that insanely over-powerful mellee weapon and they won't even look down to try to kill you while you blow the absolute **** outta their legs? are they the ones you're talking about? the ut bots suck, they all fight exactly the same and just keep spewing out that "die bitch" etc crap. good old epic hired the guy who made the reaper bots for quake1 to do their bots while id software got the guy who made the omnicron/gladiator bots... now hmmmmmmmmm, which one of those were better? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. and the sound? how can you bag the sound in q3? have you listened to the weapon sounds in unreal and UT lately? i mean, COME ON EPIC, they're supposed to be the sounds for huge guns, not wet farts! you've gotta be joking right SS? the gfx? you're telling me the graphics in ut that make the whole thing feel like a cartoon or some fake plastic world are better than the organic, realistic gfx in q3? if you like cartoons or "great" games like nerf arena blast then sure the unreal/ut engine might be good, but if you're after realism and organic graphics that you can almost feel breathing its q3 all the way babeeeee. and everyone knows that quake has does and always will rule for online gaming... hey, the TECHNOLOGY TEST (1.08) of q3 was the most played game online and now its the q3demoTEST.

The Rock- well not only do you play the lame fps (ut), you also obviously watch the lame wrestling federation. "the rock" is nothing but a lame Scott Hall wanabeeeee. so hey yo, i've got you're response DOWN THERE.

BoBVila][- you obviously can't understand simple concepts... when i say "level design" i don't mean the things like the mouth in q3dm1 or the "cool pirate ships (arrrrgh me hearties), choo choo trains, and starships", i mean the actual LAYOUT of the level. now if its choo choo trains you're after there was one in quake2, and if its starships why don't you go play duke nukem, and as for pirate ships... wtf? who cares? you can have all the novelties in maps that you like, but i'm interested in how the map plays, not what sorta pointless crap is on it. and for maps with good gameplay, id software has the best guys in the business. and what was that last thing you said? "Owned!!" ??? do you feel like a big man "owning" a guy on a forum when the guy wasn't even at the forum to defend himself??? does your mommy know you're using swearwords on the computer?? sorry kid, maybe you should try to "own" someone whos actually there some time...

BillyBadAss- duh q3 is a SEQUEL. do you understand that concept??? huh? its not surprising its got some of the same elements from its prequels. thats like going to see "the empire strikes back" and saying "oh man that was ****! it had a space theme just like starwars! can't they think of anything new??" you're an idiot.

Dlitz- what you think you guys coming up with crappy arguments full of holes is gonna scare me away?

Zaccix- great argument pal. heres my response. i'm getting q3. 'Nuff said. (tosser)

Sky- at least you're smarter than the rest of these people by half.

oh yeah, i noticed no one mentioned the player models... i can only assume that means you guys realise that uts dead in that department huh? steed = king of modellers. also no one mentioned weapon balance. i'm wondering if you guys have noticed that making every weapon in the game the most powerful mother-****er ever isn't a great example of weapon balance. i mean, UT is like id software releasing quake2 with only one weapon- the BFG. now that would be fun wouldn't it? the weapons are ridiculous. i mean, a rocket laucher where you can shoot six homing missiles at once? or a weapon that you can "drive" around and kill some sucker who hasn't got a hope in hell (you can't gib a missile)? a mellee weapon that'll kill basically anyone in one shot? a chaingun with seeminly unlimited ammo thats deadly accurate from one end of the level to another? some green beam thingy, also with seeminly unlimited ammo, that kills anyone in about 2 seconds? that shockrifle thingy where you can both snipe, send large balls of purpleness OR create a massive explosion with, all without changing guns? wow sounds like great weapon system to me... good for newbies and lamers who can't get a kill in quake2 without the bfg (is that why all you guys like UT???)
yeah well. thats it for now. can anyone come up with a decent argument for UT this time?

17th Nov 1999, 05:00 AM
Here we go, I'm bored, tired and its 4 in the morning so mite as well get into this little thing.

BobBanjo: Why you got to come on this forum to start stuff? Your obviously one of those little quakie heads. Thatís all good, I respect you for what you like but when you stepped over that line was when you come here for the specific reason of BS'ing with us. Most of us on this forum love unreal/UT. Even though we've all put up some BS from epic they've pretty much come through for us in the end. (Donít even get me started on this patch thing) Now see I can't argue with you as much as I would love too, because you are too damn arrogant to give something else a try or actually listen (read) open mindedly to someone else opinion. Your all pro q3 this and q3 that, take it and shove it. ID isn't even man enough of a company to say that this is what the game is going to look and play like when it comes out. Instead they are hiding behind that BS "TEST" word before every demo and test. Test my left tit!! Christmas is coming and well if they are still sitting there "testing" around with their game thereís no way its going to make its window for the holiday season. The models in quake3? Lets not even go there either. The suck, sure Iíve seen some pretty nice screenies of them, but for the love of god when your playing all they are is just like a bunch of blurs. Same goes for the levels. Yea I know itís a sequel, and you brought up your whole lil theory about how sequels should have the same theme with movies and games. Nah screw that, I agree with the whole movie themes staying the same for sequels and I agree with game themes staying the same to an extent. If you want to be a lil half-brained zombie running around the same style/themed maps all day fine go ahead your loss not mine. But I feel UT gives variety for people to chose from and play on. Iíve wasted enough of my time with you.

See Ya
<3 Ya's JaK/FAE

17th Nov 1999, 07:36 AM
DrAcO- wow you put up a GREAT argument against ME. remind me not to buy myself this christmas... i sure do suck as a product. you didn't manage to put up ANY real argument against quake3 or for UT. you said the models are a blur... maybe because its a fast paced game, maybe all your bloods getting in the way of seeing the guy that gibbed you? who knows? you also said you've seen some nice screenshots of them, which is my point exactly, if you're not being splattered by them with all your blood blocking your view they actually look ****ing awesome. you proved my point for me, thankyou. you also said "id isn't man enough of a company to say that this is what the game is going to look and play like when it comes out. Instead they are hiding behind that BS "TEST" word before every demo and test.". well sorry that id software have decided that they're going to release a decent productm unlike epic (look at unreal, 12000 patches later and it still plays like ****). and if we're talking about companies not being "man enough", what about epic? UTs been gold for weeks but they wait till id software released the demotest in a LAME attempt to steal some of their attention. now if that isn't saaaaad woosebag tactics i don't know what is. an finally you mentioned the level themes. funny, none of you wanna focus on the level LAYOUTS for obvious reasons (the fact that the mapmakers at id **** all over the "mapmakers" at epic might be a reason). well anyway, have you played the test or the demotest recently? notice that there are three types of levels?? q3test1 (as it used to be known) is the classic doom/quake1 "gothic" style level, q3test2 is the space level thingy and q3tourney is industrial style. and anyway, if you're so concerned with "level style" wtf are you doing playing a first person shooter? why don't you go play myst or riven or something? AWESOME level styles... oh yeah, great argument (sarcasm).

17th Nov 1999, 10:14 AM
I'll deal with you when i get home from school =) FAE

See Ya
<3 Ya's JaK/FAE

17th Nov 1999, 10:26 AM

I have read this thread, and you are asking people to argue your opinions. Just because you feel that Q3A is better, it is only so in your mind. In the Unreal community UT is the superior product. I will be buying both. I like both, thus I can honestly say, they both have their strengths and weakness'. You are just here to start a war, your only "facts" are you opinions. You are not even close to what any of us would consider an expert. You are a fan, and you proved that with your post. So mister opinion, take it to another forum, where it may have some validity, because here, you look like an idiot. Trying to argue on your opinion??? WTF??? get a life.

17th Nov 1999, 10:52 AM
Quake3: Old idea's, New box

Email: jess@cadvision.com
ICQ: 204742

BoBVila ][
17th Nov 1999, 01:23 PM
BobBanjo go blow your dad. My argument was clearly valid so shut the **** up.

Your argument is the one that's lame...MUSIC??? bhahahahhhahhahahahahhaahaha lmfaorotgdgabbtmfzpfbah

17th Nov 1999, 02:01 PM
PPl, this is bulls**t. If u like Q3A so much then go and play it don't waste your time sitting here and trying to prove to Unrealers that UT sux.
I think both are good games, and i'm surely getting both of 'em.
About level design:
i don't like the level design in Q3A cuz most of them are some gothic-style dungeons with lava and hellfog. I mean like get rid of all those skulls and s**t, it's so childish! then the levels that have rooms and corridors are too damn tight in most places, except the central arena. If u get stuck in one of those corridors and someone behind u has a rocket launcher, u're f**ked.
UT's maps vary not only in size but in design ( yes, those "stoopid" spaceship, asteroids, trains etc etc) just look at DMphobos! It's so beautifully done and is also stategic.
Weapons: yes, it's true, the weapons in UT, just like original Unreal are unbalanced, but they're still fun to play with.
Q3's weapons may be more balanced (except the railgun, which is so slow in Q3A, it can only be used to kill lagged players)
Player models:
UT's player models look more realistic and much more detailed than Q3A's, which look not much better then Q2's, only have more polygons
Modes of play:
UT comes with DM, team DM, Assault, CTF, Domination, Last man standing... what about Q3A? is it all about DM? (i do admit that DM is fun in Q3A, thou)
Music from UT is fast paced and very different from map to map, probably some of the best game music i've heard.... Q3A- some crappy rock again /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

Q3A will definitely have more servers, mods, skins, etc and that's a good feature /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif
Oh well enough said, i'm getting both of the games as soon as i can.

17th Nov 1999, 02:03 PM
I usually browse the PU forums, but I do not typically reply. Here is what I post when someone comes over to PlanetQuake Forums with nonsense like -whatsHisName-:


Don't be an audience for his tap dance routine.

--he don't care about u, why should u care about him?--


17th Nov 1999, 04:34 PM
Exactly... who gives 1/2 a f--k..play what you like to.

17th Nov 1999, 04:54 PM
Ok, Im going to keep my calm. It seems to me Like a very childish thing to do. You are not going to convince us all... "HOLY SH*T UT SUCKS, GO QUAKE." No im sorry, it dosnt work that way. Btw How old are you banjo... 10? 11? Ok fine.. maybe q3a will get better reviews, maybe not, what does it matter? On a final note. Weapons, if you think about it quake has UNDERPOWERED weapons. If I take a uzi and lets say... well target you from.. oh say 20m your a gonner. Im Sorry there isnt going to be enough of you to scoop up with a shovel. Body armor or not.... quake weapons, Ok im going to take, oh i dont know a rocket launcher and take aim at your chest... I dont give a SH*T about how much body armow you are wearing... GOOD-BYE!!!!! But in quake nah... youll live. So in reality weapons should be overpowered... it makes you think faster and turns you into a better overall fighter. Now please, if you will leave this forum for good. Thanks for your time. See you all on the battlefield!

18th Nov 1999, 12:07 AM
Hey Bob, listen up PAL! Can you give me a definitive, non-arguable reason why UT sucks and Q3 rules? Nope I know you can't, because there is no such reason. People play what they wanna play. I just prefer UT, and it's what I'll be handing my money over to EB for on the day of release.

Oh, and calling me a tosser won't help further your cause. You in the UK? I am. Would you say that to my face? Heh nope.

18th Nov 1999, 08:03 AM
back again. here goes-

DrAcO- finished school yet scary man?

MRHYDE- you're trying to tell me that the only way a game can be the better than another is in each individuals mind?? well i hate to inform everyone, but theres a MASSIVE scam going on... called gaming magazines... they claim that they can actually tell you which games are better than others!! HAHAHA god they're idiots... don't they know that according to MRHYDE _NO_ game can be better than another game...

SS- UT; old crappy engine, outdated graphics, bots with seeminly no AI, choo choo train maps, new box.

BobVila][- wow ANOTHER really intelligent argument from you... you've really outdone yourself this time... "go blow your dad." **** man, are you a lawyer? i don't think i can compete with these 9-year-old arguments!!! what am i going to do? oh yeah, you forgot to mention WHY your argument is "clearly valid". and once again you attacked ONE part of my argument, the music... what about the rest of my argument??? aren't you gonna come up with more witty responses like "suck my dick" or go **** a dog" ??? geez, i guess i'm just lucky you didn't "own" me this time...

Blast-Em-All- ok, from your post i have established that- first, you don't like skulls (childish? and choo choo train maps aren't???), you can't fight for **** in a confined area, you prefer weapons to be "fun" rather than balanced (it would be "fun" if everyone spawned with a bfg and unlimited ammo in q2 wouldn't it...), you can't hit **** with the railgun, you kill lagged players, you have a vision problem (q3 models not much improvement over q2 models???), you think UT is better because it comes with THREE (count em- THREE) extra modes of play in the box (even though there will be a thousand more mods for q3 than ut), and you know the music in q3 is crap even though you've never heard it before... hmmmmmmmmm, great argument pal (once again, sarcasm).

MN- i've got no idea wtf you're trying to say... do you need some help with english or something? whats a strike got to do with anything?

OFUpYours- yeah really detailed argument. you've got me there (again- sarcasm)

Jager- oh ok, so what you're saying is you're after a game where once you get shot with a pistol ANYWHERE on your body you either fall down dead or you lie on the ground moaning in pain? wow sounds like fun man... instead, why don't you just go out to the shops, buy a nice shiny gun, shoot yourself in the leg, and have all your gaming fun without even having to turn on the computer!?! and you also think that playing quake2 with only the bfg would turn you into a "better fighter"? i don't know what YOUR definition of "better fighter" is but if its "a pile of gibs" well than i guess you're right!!!

Zaccix- heh, you don't think i'd call you a tosser to your face? why? are you big and strong and *** -kicking-scary? lol. TOSSER.

well, still noones had anything bad to say about quake3 (apart from "i don't like gothic style waaah waaah") or anything good to say about UT... come on guys, surely theres someone in here with a bit of intelligence? (then again i'm at a forum where everyone likes "unreal"...) go figure huh?

18th Nov 1999, 10:02 AM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

18th Nov 1999, 12:16 PM
(shakes head from side to side with disgust)
These games are of personal taste to the people that play them ..whatever turns you on is your business or whatever your impressed with...therefore since the game is revelant to one's personal taste how can it be compared to others...its like sayin red is a better color than blue.
Perhaps though...you already knew that and just wanted to stir the pot some..eh? LOL!
Besides, while you're posting here and wasting your time...you could be jackin off to a potential new adjusment in your GUI (sarcasm)ROFLMFAO!! /~unreal/ubb/html/biggrin.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/biggrin.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/biggrin.gif

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BoBVila ][
18th Nov 1999, 01:25 PM
Two words for you Banjo:

PENIS. ENVY. Go cry about it elsewhere.


18th Nov 1999, 02:41 PM
Alright i'm about sick of this. Although this thread has been fun to read the past day or so its getting pretty boring and redundant. You like what you like. Respect other peoples taste. No reason to come over here and start flaming a game. Seriously though, you have got to get a life and do something productive with your time besides starting little flame threads. FAE

See Ya
<3 Ya's JaK/FAE

18th Nov 1999, 04:53 PM
Ok, Ok Ok, How The F*CK Old are you you son of a b*tch. No Im sorry I dont shoot myself with a gun. Im Not a D*MN Beer Guzlin Couch in Your Front Yard Sittin, Gun Rack on your God D*MN 1970 FORD Truck REDNECK! Hey Man I played Quake2, sure I had a Great Time, It Was a Hell of a good game. But if I know other Quake Players, They think you are a big retard just as much as we do. Im Sick of you Whining!

BoBVila ][
18th Nov 1999, 05:32 PM
Finally, BTW:

Just out of curiousity how is this an argument for id making a better game?

>>>the bots in the Q3demoTEST make the bots in the UTdemo look like ****.
so now Q3 leads in bots, graphics, soundfx, models, weapon balance, level design and gameplay... lets see whats left? music and GUI??? wow the GUIs handy in the middle of a deathmatch- "everyone stop for a second i just gotta pull up my lovely GUI so i can change some settings!!!" and music? well with id softwares history of great music in the last two Quakes i think thats pretty much in the bag...
what was the name of that game you guys play again??? the one with the lame attempt at an engine thats like 5 years old? the one that hasn't improved since the last game? the one with the ridiculously powerful weapons (ALL of them) and the buggy AI on the bots? hahahahahaha sorry epic... UT = strike two... one more and you're out. (though i've got a feeling epics basically dead after this game fails miserably- like the last one)

Frankly I don't see it...OH WAIT! That's what we 9 year olds call an OPINION! Silly me

0wned by BoBVila

18th Nov 1999, 05:43 PM
Oh, Im Not Finished You Freakin Redneck. You wanted to make this personal.. well you got it pal. You dont like opinions... here have some more. Weapons: SHOW ME SOMETHING NEW Q3!!!! Ok the weapons were really cool in q2, Ill admit it. Ok here comes q3... new weapon affects are cool.... so what.. you made the weapons more pretty.... ok they will maybe add a new gun.... or just take weapons dating back to DOOM. UT weapons ROCK!
Sure we still have the old favorites... but we have some great new ones... You guys get a grappling hook... we get a Gun that teleports you... The Perfect Weapon.... im sorry.... maybe you should give us a case to by q3.. not to not buy a game these people already love.

18th Nov 1999, 08:54 PM
ohh baby, i like it when you play rough =ř

See Ya
<3 Ya's JaK/FAE

18th Nov 1999, 09:26 PM
Banjo, listen up. If you've got the time to do nothing better than insult people on here, that's your deal. However, I'm involved in something much much bigger than any game. It's called 'Life'. I've got issues at the moment that are much more important than arguing over which game is better and I really can't be bothered to argue one game's merits over another. I just play what I like.

You've admitted you're wrong as you couldn't give me that non-arguable reason why Q3 rules and UT sucks (because there isn't one). Instead you've picked up on the tosser thing (oh BTW, I'd say it to your face no problem). It's obvious that you can't argue your points properly.

This is gonna be the last post from me in this thread. Call me what you want, but it'll only make you look more and more stupid.

18th Nov 1999, 09:35 PM
Amen To That

18th Nov 1999, 10:03 PM
I've played both UT and Q3. I like certain features of both games. I agree that Q3 weapons are all weaker , but they seem to be pretty much in balance against one another. UT does have more deadly weapons, but there are others that are just as deadly to counter with. I have no problem with either game that way, BUT, I do feel that UT's complete weapons will be far more interesting to use than Q3's. I can hardly wait to be able to use them all.
If Q3's models have anything going for them, it is not how they look in particular, because I don't notice ANYTHING about them that is remarkable, but then I haven't stopped the action and gone right up close to them to see. From a typical fighting distance, I do not find myself thinking, "Wow, these are remarkable". If anything, the way the heads are depicted is quite cartoonish, IMO. However, I think that the animation of the Q3 models is somewhat better than UT's, it is just an impression, but they look like they are running ON the ground, at the proper speed for the distance they cover.

I find the jumping ability in Q3's Longest Yard has a bit tighter feel to it than UT's Morpheus. I suspect a lot of UT fans hate playing Morpheus because it is too much out of control. But, on the other hand, Morpheus is more freestyle than the Longest Yard where most of the jumps have a fixed trajectory and destination. Playing the Morpheus map probably shows our human limitations too well, whereas the Longest Yard is more predictable in what is going to happen, and Humans like predictability(IMO)!
A lot of people get a kick out of jumping on a trampoline, and there is lots of that effect in Q3. You can really almost feel the exhileration of jumping, twisting and fragging your opponent (if you frag someone from the air, you feel pretty good). I like the simple "impressive" or "excellent" comments for a double kill in Q3, but UT is just as good with it's "sportscaster" comments.
To conclude, I don't see why people can't just play both, or one or the other, or neither. There is no need to try to convert each other. How silly this is:"I insist that you enjoy what I enjoy!" We each have a different set of standards for what turns us on, and logical arguements cannot change what we enjoy.

18th Nov 1999, 10:28 PM
Well stated HFD....it would be hard to argue with your point of view...unless someone wanted to be an a$$hole....oh oh...look out!!! He shoots..........HE SCORES!!!!!!!]

18th Nov 1999, 11:28 PM
What do you know about UT's level design? The demo has 6 maps. Don't like those maps? The full version which is coming out TOMMOROW has 50 maps. Maybe you'll like the other 46. Hey, maybe you might like that steam powered choo choo train level you seem to talk about. How can you say Q3's level design is good? The full version could have 23 crappy maps.

Quake3 has ugly textures. I mean ugly as in, they could be 2048x2048 textures 32 bit color with the most skilled artist that worked at it, but the actual texture is ugly. It's like a famous artist painting an ugly girl. Painting was nicely crafted, but the girl still looks ugly. I'm tired of gothic textures.

The #1 reason I prefer UT over Q3 is the weapons. The weapons in Q3 are too close to Q2. I mean I know UT has some same weapons from Unreal, but they all have a different new feel to them. Q3 is so generic. The quake series are pretty generic. Half-Life and Shogo aren't generic. UT isn't generic. I'll prove this:

Half-Life RL(rocket launcher) - Guided missle

Shogo RL - Bullgut, fires 4 drunk missles

UT - Load up 6 rockets/grenades, lock on

Q3 RL - Fire 1 straight rocket.
Q2 RL - Fire 1 straight rocket.
Q1 RL - Fire 1 straight rocket.

That also brings up why I will enjoy Q2 more than Q3. Same weapons, more servers, runs faster, AQ2.

Sound? Did they use the same Rail Gun sound from Q2? That jumping sound is familiar. Did I just kill that guy, or is my computer shutting down? Boring sounds. UT on the other hand, doesn't have that much better of sound, but it's not boring.

Bots. If you play UT bots on novice, no they won't be too smart. On god-like, let's just say they won't stand and let you shoot them.

The unreal engine doesn't have to be all colorful nerf arena like. If you haven't seen, WHEEL OF TIME DEMO IS OUT. It's been on almost every gaming site, even planetquake.

Weapon balance in Q3. RocketLauncher or Railgun beats everything about 99% of the time. Gee, I'm afraid of a plasma gun.

Last issue. UT is just plain more fun than Q3 IMHO. Bob Banjo, do you think Q3a is really more fun than UT? Play both for a week and come back.

Oh, and I could go on about how much a loser you are for registering just to brag about "the best game ever" Q3, but I'm sure you know that and I don't need to tell you.

Have a nice one.

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge...

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19th Nov 1999, 12:03 AM
Bobbanjo, why are you trying to convert us to Q3? Are you worried that there won't be enough people playing Q3 because they are all playing UT? I am sure there will be plenty of people still playing Q3. You must think that the Q3 Demo just doesn't cut it so you have to go out and recruit. The truth is that there will be tons of people playing Q3 as well as UT. So I am sure a good time will be had by all. We don't give you a hard time because we don't like you. We give you a hard time because we hate you. /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif Get a life you loser, they are just games!

20th Jun 2000, 01:34 PM
This quaker guy still playing Jill Of the Jungle man or wot?
UT rocks more than all other rocks stacked together.Unfortunately...? No it's time to graduate.

21st Jun 2000, 05:26 PM

Here's a fine example of what the Quake community is all about.

Simply put Unreal, UT is played because it is fun. The UEngine community has made it that way.
Sadly thoughout Quake's progression it has become a hostile, compeditive, and cold community where gamers would rather flame an opponent than congradulate then.

Look, Bob
If you want some "constructive critisism" about UT vs Q3A, go where someone might actually have the same desire to waste their time on a topic that is nearly one year old.

Now the great ppl @ planetquake built this for a reason http://forums.planetquake.com/

21st Jun 2000, 08:26 PM
What makes Q3a bad is people like him...
Don't compete against games just play em both

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22nd Jun 2000, 12:51 AM
Hey Zombie,

I find that the Q3a community is just plain boring compared to the UT. I would have never gotten the threads over there. Everyone in PQ seems...well, stuck up.

22nd Jun 2000, 03:11 AM
So I guess thats why most/all of the UT community chuckles at the slightest hint of the word l33t :)

Its taken quite seriously in the other community.

Where did you think that word, and others came from?

22nd Jun 2000, 03:16 AM

This topic is OooolD!

shame, shame, shame on you!

Unknown Mapper
22nd Jun 2000, 08:32 PM
i can't believe this bitter little idiot got a two page topic.

brand loyalty is for the brain dead. arguing over which game is better is so pointless it's sad. let this be the last post, please.

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24th Jun 2000, 08:50 PM
ummmm before you start arguing again, just look at the dates on this thread, it's from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in november, don't go starting flame wars about an ancient and dead topic (UT vs Q3A).

26th Jun 2000, 07:39 PM
LOL, You guys are flaming someone who hasn't been here since November/December.

*I didn't bump it*

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7th Jul 2000, 04:40 AM
Lol. Jup.

FragFacility Administrator
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31st Jul 2000, 12:35 AM
Have you ever played the full version of Q3? Have you ever played it online? Maps that are so restrictive, cartoonish and poorly enginered that I feel I'm wasting my time when I step on your servers and MURDER all of you wanna be gamers. Your all too easy to beat ( yeah Q3 online setup is total garbage ) NOW if you think that Q3 looks better then UT you are probably one of those people suffering from the same problem that surfaced with the original release of "UNREAL"; you Q2 players with your Voodoo 1 and 4 MB RAM and the fact that your used to playing MARIO on your brothers N64 and other console crap- Get yourself a couple of 650mhz copermines, a KP6-BS2 and a GTS2 and then try your game again. Even though you will murder everyone on your Q3 servers ( enginered to give the lowest pinging player TOTAL DOMINATION over better skilled opponents; just like the first Q ) jump back to UT and witness the purest Engine ever developed for a video game... and you can tell that UT is superior as you will get a fair hand shake from the server, witness unprecedented graphics within a realistic physics model and a violent awakening when we smack you down...!/bitch\!

31st Jul 2000, 03:56 AM
Q3A bots just aren't fun like the UT ones. And Q3A's graphics need a lot more power and speed to make it run well, especially since it seems to only run in OpenGL, muahahahahaha.

7th Aug 2000, 12:51 PM
So you're here to start a war then? What the **** is the point? Get your sad bitch *** outa this forum, and don't even think about posting another insult, you're just one of those sad mutha ****ers who has hair down to their knees and who listens to nine inch nails jacking off (oh sorry, i meant playing 'music').
as for Q3 vs UT, both are great games.

7th Aug 2000, 12:52 PM
So you're here to start a war then? What the **** is the point? Get your sad b*tch *** outa this forum, and don't even think about posting another insult, you're just one of those sad mutha ****ers who has hair down to their knees and who listens to nine inch nails jacking off (oh sorry, i meant playing 'music').
as for Q3 vs UT, both are great games.