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6th Jul 2000, 02:06 AM
Hey All..
I'm just wondering if there is anyway to set up multiple user profiles. My brother has one set up, nick, character profile, I am wondering if I change everything, to my own, will it still somehow save his settings also? or are we going to have to keep rebuilding the characters each time we wanna switch?... if this makes any sense

6th Jul 2000, 10:51 AM
Yes there is.

In UnrealTournament/System directory there will be a file called User.ini

Copy and rename this file (say to brother.ini)

Create a text file, and enter this line

UnrealTournament.exe userini=brother.ini

Save this one line text file as Brother.Bat

Then when you double click on Brother.BAT, it will load UT but use the Brother.INI file instead of the usual User.INI.