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10th Jul 2000, 03:19 AM
Well myself and a friend of mine have a 14 player max counterstrike server based on a t1. The cs server runs great. Anyways we are in a desperate search to find another mod to replace cs and inf looks like it could be the one.

My biggest issue i guess would be to all you dedicated server admins out there. Does inf have alot of bugs that causes the server to crash?

If we do decide to go with inf the server is located in georgia and the ip is

For all the server info as in the pc it is running on goto www.atoz.to\em (http://www.atoz.to\em)

Thanks for your replys in advance. /infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif

11th Jul 2000, 02:14 PM
sounds great!!!
I don't know of any major bug. with 2.8 i doubt there will be any

I N F I L T R A T I O N (http://www.planetunreal.com/infiltration)
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12th Jul 2000, 04:27 PM
Is [EM] going to be an Infiltration Clan? If so, don't forget to drop by ILCR to sign up with us. :-) We just fot started alittle over a week ago andwe're growing along pretty nicely. the URL is


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