View Full Version : The Infiltration DEATHMATCHES servers -- Try them Today!

12th Jan 2001, 10:03 AM
Hi All!

I was just looking for a way to let tons of new people out there know about our popular Infiltration Deathmatches servers for Unreal1 ! Please feel free to visit them at:

Probably the coolest and most unique part of our servers are the companion-servers that we maintain, too! We call these 'The BCR Lobby' where players can go 'play' that single-player map and choose a skin from about 80 choices. The skin of their choice is automatically applied to their player, and then they can look at themselves in the mirror, or jump through a portal to join our game server! You can find the BCR Lobbies at:
For Unreal1 version 225f:
For Unreal Gold:

Please also consider visiting our website at:

Thanks for reading this post! I look forward to hearing from you all soon! :p

Play at the hottest Unreal Infiltration server: