View Full Version : New beginner in editing maps ....

25th Feb 2001, 04:07 PM

I'am a totally new beginner in trying to edit maps both in general and for Infiltration.

My problem is to getting started using the editor. I'm familiar to 3D-programmes but this editor is a bit different to those. My questions is so simple at this point that I don't think any tutorials tell anything about those things. Here is questions:

1. ABOUT THE VIEW AND NAVIGATION: I have found out how to rotate the view but not how to go back and forward? How?

2. ABOUT EDITING: The only editing I so far have get a grip on is how to select an object and after that modify some characteristics on it. But I don't know how to move and change the shape of objects! How?

Thanks in advance for any help!

26th Feb 2001, 04:44 PM
Please post this in the mapping forum.
There you WILL get some replys. :)


Party's over ! *grin*