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19th Mar 2001, 07:52 AM
Hi everyone.
In a few minutes, ill start configuring a new INF server. What would be interesting is that you guys give me some input on features or maps that should be present (or not). And 3rd Party maps everyone would like to see?

GoGoGo! I'm waiting for your opinion.

And heres a little technical note:
Sever: UT 436 / INF2.85 (+ patch in a few hours I think
- Pentium 3 850E Mhz, 512Mb ram
- 30 Gb SCSI Ultra 160 (fast :P)
- OC 48 network connection (2.5Gb - of course this is shared)
- windows 2000 pro (I know, it sucks... but better the 9xxx anyway).

Oh and I have a question: Do you people think it is possible to play on the same box the server is running... I've been doing this a lot with my CS server (btw normal ping was about 50 :P) and it didn't affect gameplay.

Is it possible with UT? Does it trow up pings and lag?

Thx guys
See you on the servers

--- Geogob ---

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19th Mar 2001, 07:58 AM
I almost forgot: I also have a shoutcast server installed on the machine... though its not used currently (I used it to broadcast live sets to my friends out there)

If you need a repeater for your show, it is aviable.

Technical additions:
Location: Quebec City, Canada
Network note: The OC48 link goes directly to the QIX (Quebec Internet Exchange) and from that to the Star Tap in chicago an on CaNET-3 (the canadien internet backbone) so you guys should have very good link rates from about anywhere in North america.

--- Geogob ---

The only way out is the 
C4 way