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21st Mar 2001, 07:45 PM
From the readme:

You've Downloaded SOB's Essential MapPack

This MapPack is a combination of 280 and 285 maps-
We've just taken the guesswork out of the install. In this MapPack,
you will ONLY find the latest of all the maps. This means that if it
existed in the 280 MapPack, but was upgraded in the 285 MapPack, you'll
ONLY install the latest version, as of the date this was put together,


Simply unzip the contents to the same UT directory where you installed
INF. All the paths are included. Choose YES if it asks to overwrite an
older file. We've attempted to fix the RealWorld.u version mismatch people have been ecountering by replacing the file in your standard
system directory as well.


On a side note, I'll be installing this on all of the Official servers, so that we have a wider variety of maps in the playlist. REMEMBER, some maps in the 280 MapPack are older versions of the same ones in the 285 MapPack. Whatever you do, don't install the 280 MapPack over the 285 MapPack!!

About 74MB:




- DaddyBone

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21st Mar 2001, 07:52 PM
Cool!!! Perhaps a link in the downloads section later will be good too.