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31st May 2001, 01:14 PM
ION Closing Confirmed (Almost) [11:34 AM EDT (loonyboi) May 31, 2001]

Following up on the story from earlier today about the closing of ION Storm's Dallas studio (story), AVault has confirmed with John Romero that Eidos will in fact be closing the studio - it just hasn't happened yet. No date is given, but AVault's news item also debunks the earlier report that Anachronox is already in duplication, saying that development "continues at an accelerated rate" on the game, and that the team is "putting in long hours to complete the game before Eidos shuts down operations."

http://www.bluesnews.com/images/new/blue_logo_footer.gif (http://www.bluesnews.com)

they got the full story over on
http://www.avault.com/images/top_av.gif (http://www.avault.com/news/displaynews.asp?story=5312001-102030)

I knew that they where dead when they released "DOMINION"