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23rd Jun 2000, 08:43 PM
everytime i play the game returns back to windows and some error comes up saying General Protection fault! History:................and it really is pissing me off and i wanna know WHAT AM I DOING WRONG
i'm on AMD K6 128 MB RAM 8MB videocard (shared with the 128) and the single player game(s) hardly ever do this error so if anyone can help me i need it bad ....it also happens with me on a dif game (aliens Vs Preditor) but on their site it says it happens to alot of people but anyway please e-mail me back SeanL614@cs.com or reply to this thanx


24th Jun 2000, 12:20 PM
Don't know, but you should post this question in the UT or Troubleshooting forum!
There is more traffic. This area is for questions regarding the Planet Unreal site.

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24th Jun 2000, 12:56 PM
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