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27th May 2001, 09:38 AM
Hi folks!

So far I've played non-TL servers for most of the time but now when I start to control the basic stuff as strafing, IH-jump and shock-combo I feel ready to move up to faster playing on TL-enabled servers.

This create one question:

How do I do effective translocating?

I would appreciate if some of you more experienced players could share some wisedom to another not-really-newbie-but-not-expert-yet-player.

What macros do you use?
What buttons? (What mouse do you use? I use MS IntelliMouse.)

Thanks in advance,


27th May 2001, 11:38 AM
it's just basic...fire the x-loc where you want it and alt fire to get there.Best thing to do is just start a practice game offline,and mess around on some of the bigger maps to get used to it.

27th May 2001, 11:43 AM
what he said. practice a lot and eventually you will develope a 'feel' for it. you will know when to throw, how far etc. i use an Intelli Explorer mouse and i have the TL bound to the big thumb button for easy access. :)

27th May 2001, 11:54 AM
Ok, I guess I wasn't clear enough (my fault :)

I know how the TL works and I know the basics like TL fragging (hard thou), double TL to high places (I suck in that) and shoot it across whole LavaGiant with IH.

I'm more in to things like if people use one of their mousebuttons for TL, if they have special macros for sequences like switch-to-TL--throw-TL-switch-back-to-weapon on buttons (some players seems to switch for and back so fast that I where my penny goes).

Or is it that (gasp!) I need to practice more?


27th May 2001, 12:32 PM
Do NEVER EVER use scripts for translocating. Not only will they never be as effective as normal clicking, some things ae not possible with it. What you see is just very fast clicking.
There are 2 ways of movement:

Long and high shots to cross a distance in very short time

Very short and fast throws with left-right variations to irritate snipers (especially on Face)

I have a simple 3 button mouse
left = fire
right = altfire
wheelpress = get x-loc

27th May 2001, 02:56 PM
I have an IM explorer and use the arrow keys for movement.

So I have my translocator bound NUMPAD0

I normally switch between shock/rockets/translo mostly.. I throw the pulse in when I have the amp or am in close quarters.

little thumb button on mouse = shock
CTRL = best weapon
NUMPAD. = pulse


27th May 2001, 03:20 PM
To be effective is a practice thing....
same as the others....play some offline to get used to using it, then hit the servers and observe and learn...

The best bind/alias I've found so far is
Aliases[25]=(Command="GetWeapon BotPack.Translocator | Fire | OnRelease AltFire",Alias=Transjump)

(forgive any formatting errors in the cut & paste)

then bind a key/button to TransJump)
some people like to add a switch to best weapon on the end of it but I prefer to switch manually to a weapon the suits the situation.

Some people complain about the aliases for TL but I find it keeps my hand from cramping, and it's no faster than doing it manually....

28th May 2001, 12:53 AM
If you learn it normal, you will be more versitile. I see what your askin', and hope I can help more then the rest of these poor peeps.

I keep it on the middle button, for quick access, of course fire on left, and alt on right.

Practice to get used to it's arc and distance.
Never stand still and watch the disc.
Know how to quickly get to a weapon upon telleporting, or canceling.
Never leave discs laying around.
Never try to retrieve a broke disc (I still do this all the time).
Know you can pick up a broke disc by walkin' over it.
Don't "telletain" w/ quick telleports.

If you fire a disc up at 30degrees or so, and telleport to it right before it hits the ground, you will get the max speed out of it.

If you're looking to move more on the Y axis, aim, and mapknowledge will play a huge part. Knowing what you can reach, w/ or w/o a jump, and when you can or can't double TL jump.

Also note that when you jump, or dodge, you momentum is carried into the disc similar to a lift jump.

With TF's (my personal favorite) timing is everything. It's most effective (of couse) as a quick way to kill a still target you've snuck up on. Practice that first, 'casue it takes speed to get to it, use it, and go back, and once you've done well there, the rest will come. Another good way to practice is play a botmach on a map you know well, and start the bots on novice, make them adapt, and only use the loc. If you can consistantly TF skilled or experienced bots, you doin' all right.

As far as how you get back to a good weapon, I live and die by the switchtobestweapon button. I don't use autoswitch (got screwed out of too many hammer kills there), and reflexively now hit the Best Weapon button every time I walk over a gun (even if the best is in hand).

Having a quick weapon as your best weapong helps with that, ie: Sniper Rifle, SR, or Minigun. You can do OK w/ the RL, but flak is too slow to load, out of the question. Actully, even the Minigun is a lil slow to wind up, and anything else prolly wouldn't top your priorities.

The key thing is know it's behavior, it's just like getting used to the arc of a flak bomb. It just takes some..,, (gasp!) practice!

---More advanced Strategy's---

Try not to think very 2 dimentionally with it. It can be used as a great dodging tool. It moves in directions faster then you can dodge, and it can slip in through narrow places you don't fit (like between or over multi rockets). I can make it appear I walk straight through on coming rockets, by telleporting behind them as they come at me (always impresses my friends).

Many holes it will fit into, can get you places faster as well, like the long flat window on agony, and that is all about aim. It's also good to think about going up through holes you usually fall though, like so many places on curse. Of course elevations is the obvious one, but I'm sure you see what I'm saying.

I also love using it to get behind opponents, but this will come after you get the weapon switching speed thing down.

Something else to think about (my signature move), is maybe try sometimes using a telleport to get you out of a corner instead of into one. If you need a weapon that's in a rough spot, like the top RL in deck, Chuck the disc out somewhere, like towards the ripper, get the RL, and telleport out, avoiding combos. Another good one is the belt/amp on pressure. Telleport out to avoid being depressureized.

I know it's a lot, but it should be helpful My apologies if some of this stuff is more or less common knowledge.

-Side note-
My TL was my 3rd most fragged w/ weapon when I rated. I used it soo much I had 2 suicides with it.... don't ask...

28th May 2001, 02:10 AM
Thanks a lot folks, your replies been good info for me.
Seems like it is back to training! (How could I guess?)


28th May 2001, 02:19 AM
The tl alias is more of a hinderance than a help. Sometimes I toss my xloc, decide I don't like where its going (like into the lava), recall it, and toss it somewhere else. You can't really do that if you rely on that bind. With the bind you press the button to toss it, and when you release the button you translocate. Its way to limiting. I tried it like 6 months ago and hated it. Got rid of it after a few maps.

Just practice. It feels soooo natural after a while.

Toss the xloc, dodge, translocate. :)

28th May 2001, 02:35 AM
I practiced it a lot offline, but you can get on an empty server online (to get used to the ping effects).
Practice on maps like november or orbital where there are sniper holes to throw your x-loc through. You will get used to judging the angle depending on your distance.
At first, i had to walk up to the hole, look right at it and shoot the xloc through. Now, I can be dodging at a good distance, fire and put it through.
feels good. Cause you can get out of sticky situation or avoid getting a beating on your way to a flag run.
Pick spots and aim for them. Then, go farther away, and reapeat.
Then, continue on to another spot. Try and get onto the mountain in Lavagiant with 2 throws, no boots necessary.
give yourself little practice runs. You'll get there.
Don't practice it on low grav, it'll mess you up.

28th May 2001, 02:54 AM
Good LG tip, when you're assaulting the enemy base, toss the X-loc and dodge into the lava, the attackers lose you and you end up where you need to be...occasionally out of the way.

works for other maps too.

28th May 2001, 03:15 AM
AEnubis that was a very well written piece on TLs dude:)
One thing I'll never forget about the TL was when I started UT online like most noObs I completely relied on rockets and rocket loading.
I was chasin the enemy FC loading six rockets trying to kill the guy whose running backwards firing flak at me. The minute I fire he TL's over my six rockets behind me and unleashes flak spam on my poor aching back killing me, grabbing the flag and making a safe cap.
My friend was watching over my shoulder and he was like hyped and yelling how cool that was while I was cursing under my breath:D

28th May 2001, 03:21 AM
Originally posted by OshadowO
AEnubis that was a very well written piece on TLs dude:)

What can I say, I'm an old pro :D.

28th May 2001, 06:05 AM

28th May 2001, 06:19 AM

And about the teletraining: a lot of people do it, and it makes you quite invulnerable if done right. It is especially usefull on small cramped maps (Dreary/Coret).

28th May 2001, 09:14 AM
click here (http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?threadid=26590) for some of the most awesome tl tips you'll find on the web.

28th May 2001, 11:10 AM
I agree that having an alias is more of a hindrance. One thing to practice to really be evasive and unpredictable with the x-loc is this:

Always have in mind where your next x-loc toss (after your first) will be, so that you can turn fast and know precisely where it is going as you appear. A lot of times you can use this to lose an opponent. Don't get careless with it though, as better players can kill you very easily if you try to be too cute.

Always use your x-loc to go anywhere. 2 feet -> 200 feet. Get used to using it in every situation.

Practice, practice, practice. If you can x-loc across the sub in November and right up into the Blue Base tube without missing a beat, you have a good chance of making it in untouched. But don't stop there. Know all of the spots that give you an advantage to x-loc to in each base. To stay with November Blue, a quick toss to the top of a crate or even the pillars behind the RL will give you the advantage of being able to gain the higher ground... but don't stop or a good combo'er will take you out.

Knowing when not to use it is important too, as you can be quite an easy target. Try tossing it around a corner and continue to melee. At the right moment, or if you're in trouble, use it to disappear from battle. Here again, you must be smart about not leaving your beacons out of sight for very long at all. X-locing straight down the hill in Face will get you comboed quick.

Eh, anyhow... practice a bunch and see what other players do with it. There's no trick bind or anything.