View Full Version : So is it true?

26th May 2001, 10:35 PM
unreal 2 will have enhancements ONLY for the geforce 3?

im pretty sure a radeon has all of the features a geforce has...

btw will a 64mb radeon be enough for unreal 2???

27th May 2001, 01:58 AM
From the IGN Unreal II preview.

Of course the quality of the show that was presented left me wondering what the hell kind of monster machine you're going to have to own in order to play this thing. Well, the team said that they're hoping to get the minimum specs around a 500mhz machine with hardware T&L. They were running the demo on a 933 with a GeForce 2 and it was running pretty damn smoothly. They also promise better things for those that are lucky enough to have a nifty GeForce 3.

And yeah your 64mb radeon will do the job if your CPU isnt too slow, id say anything over 800mhz should work out fine.