View Full Version : Anyone else notice that there's a new Unreal game coming out/

26th May 2001, 12:11 PM
For the Xbox? Its called Unreal Championship and it looks really good. Check it out on www.gamespot.com

26th May 2001, 06:25 PM
I noticed. I don't give ONE GOD DAMN ABOUT IT!
Its just a way for Microsfart :morety: to draw console gamers into the pron market by putting a hard drive on that miserable excuse of a console. Also remember that it will have only 64MB RAM, and it will use a graphics chipset that doesn't exist yet on drivers that haven't been developed, and IT DOESN'T HAVE A #$(%^@$@!! MOUSE OR KEYBOARD!!!
That sick pathetic excuse of gaming hardware is NO match for PC's now, let alone when they GET OFF THEIR COLLECTIVE MULTI-MOUNDED ASS AND RELEASE IT!!
Now, I have no problem with Microsfart :morety:, they make a good OS and a nice joystick, but really, stay out of the console market.
The TV is a low-resolution piece of rancid cow dung only good if its a huge one, and then you can watch movies on it, which I can ALREADY do on the computer. I can't BELIVE Epic would sink as low as console-ifying UT, execpt they're a corporation and there's money to be made, money that comes out of the pockets of Billy-Bob Pokemon Player who has NO IDEA what Unreal is like on the computer and has NO IDEA what a community is. And what's with the XXXBox's HDD anyway? Will they be PATCHING their games? Consoles are supposed to be simple, for stupid people who can't handle computers or who like Pokemon.
Now I'm mad...

26th May 2001, 06:48 PM
calm down wildfire :)
I don't like the x-box or consoles either, i'm a pc freak, but i do respect other people's opinions and tastes.. if tkip likes it, no problem.

/me runs for the fire exit.. wildfire is probably burning up by now!

27th May 2001, 05:55 AM
I've heard Unreal Championship is just Unreal Tournament with a newer Unreal Engine and a few extra pieces of fluff. SicroMoft made a good OS? which one? oh you mean DOS 6.2 right? Internet Explorer 5 is their greatest achievement.

27th May 2001, 11:37 AM
Yeah, I mean DOS...it never crashed( :p ).
IE 6 was their greatest acheivement!

25th Jun 2001, 01:23 PM
Maybe we won't get UC, but we get something better, Unreal Warfare!! I think UT and U2 will satisfy us PC gamers until UW comes out that will blow UC away.