View Full Version : BrAvEheart: UT??

25th May 2001, 01:35 PM
yo...is their a map or mod out there that lets you brawl it out old school medievil style like braveheart? like have the blue and red team on opposite sides of the field and just ruch each other with 2 handed bastard swords? i think that would be killer! their would have to be a way to edit the AI so that they would know to rush you and not stand around. only swords could be allowed. like an all out melee brawl. then you could add like 100 bots to the game and have a huge fight. damn that would be tight!! if no ones done it yet...i was thinkin of startin it:) but i would need help. so what do you think of my idea? thanx and late

25th May 2001, 10:39 PM
Wrong forum, compadre :D

And if you want a botwar, load ctf-face, start out with 16 bots and add up to 94 bots.. mayhem guaranteed :D