View Full Version : Biter Fish problems

Euphoric Beaver
17th May 2001, 05:04 PM
When I put the Biter Fish in the UnrealEd there floating around happily. but when I start the level they aren't there.
I don't know if it's got something to do with the master flock pawn but when I try to put the Biter Fish Master pawn in UnrealEd it doesn't appear.

17th May 2001, 09:01 PM
I think you have to add the BiterFishSchool into the level, not just a single biterfish.

Checkout the demo map I posted on this thread: http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43915

That small demo map was used for a lift with glass walls, but I stuck a BiterFishSchool into the pool, just for fun.

Note that if you read the UScript for a BiterFishSchool, you'll notice that they'll vanish if you can't see em. This is done to speed up the game so that the game doesn't have to spend any time rendering a bunch of fish you can't see.


Euphoric Beaver
18th May 2001, 11:28 AM
But now I have another problem.
I can get the Biter Fish working perfectly, but in only one pond. Is it possible to put differant schools in differant ponds or do I have to trigger them using thing factories.