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11th May 2000, 11:37 PM
OK...I've worked my way through all the fights, winning the trophies for Deathmatch, Assault, CTF, etc. Now I'm trying for the Challenge and I'm down to the last opponent: Xan.

Xan is one bad mother****er. Xan has been kicking my butt like none of the other bots have been able to do. Xan only dies once or twice to my 15.

HOW DO I BEAT XAN? Is there a special strategy? Does he have a weakness I don't know about? So far, the only thing I've had success with is to stay near the shield belt and fry him with the plasm rifle on alternate fire. Still, it isn't enough.

So let's hear it. How do I bet this Xan guy?

12th May 2000, 08:51 AM
I could help here. After getting wasted outside the ship by Xan and the rocket launcher (how can he hit me while I'm flying around) I found it easier to stay inside. You've made a good start by sticking to the shield belt area. There's plenty of health there as well so you should be OK. I only used the Flak cannon and that's how I bet him. Just kept running back to where that weapon appears if I start to run out. That way any time he goes for the shield belt u can just fill the place with Flak and he should die! Worked for me anyhow.

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12th May 2000, 05:20 PM
My advice is to keep him at a distance. Seemed like whenever he would get too close I would be the one who ended up dead. He will usually chase you so if you can open up a little room between you two fire a load of rockets or flak where he will be coming. He will walk right into the line of fire many times.

Along with getting the shieldbelt and vest I try to keep him from getting the invisibility - its hard to kill him if you can't see him.

Good luck!!