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5th May 2001, 02:23 PM
Ok found this article in a gaming mag, and i think it's a decent unreal II preview.
If you're too lazy to read it now, copy and paste it in word or whatever :)
It's not that big.
Here goes:


You won’t believe your eyes, it’s
The sequel to one of the biggest first person shooters
Ever is on it’s way. For real.

In summary:

The sequel to one of the biggest names in the business, Unreal 2 offers an in-depth
Single-player experience as well as an enhanced multiplayer mode that continues
the brilliance of Unreal Tournament.

What’s the big deal?

Half-life was a watershed title that changed shooters forever and while Unreal was released
before it, the sequel has taken many of its ideas on board. The settings are wildly varied and stretch the newly TWEAKED engine to its limits, while the NEW multiplayer modes could really take the online community by storm.

Although universally acclaimed when it first appeared more than three years ago, Unreal is now thought of more as a great engine than a proper game. The visuals were fantastic for their time, but the single-player experience soon lost its charm.
It was by no means a bad game (I agree) but it was the kind of title that appeared empty and unrewarding once the all conquering Half-Life came along.
BUT the quality and success of Unreal Tournament have made this one of the most anticipated shooters around. And when you take a look at the first lot of images that have started to trickle out of Legend Entertainment’s studio you can see this is going to be something special indeed.

Although it’s officially the sequel to Unreal, it is in many ways also the natural follow-up to Unreal Tournament, since the multiplayer side of the game is going to be just as important as the single-player mode.

(so kef, here you go, satisfied now? :)...)

SINGLE PLAYER aspect of the game:

The story has you patrolling a sector of the galaxy during the 24th century keeping the peace with your crew of pilots and engineers. The old ‘objects scattered across the universe’ device puts the action in motion.
Your job is to go down to the planets or enemy spaceships to find the objects and show off your (L337) shooting skills.
This means the setting for each mission can be completely different from the last, and Legend will be able to show off the power of the freshly MODIFIED UNREAL ENGINE, swapping the wide open spaces of an alien city in ruins for claustrophobic underground caves and back again. Each world will be populated by the indigenous people, so you can banish from your mind all those empty areas from the first game, full only of light shows and colourful explosions.

(kind off agree here, most unreal levels were under populated, but fortunately the skaarj enemy where agile and cunning and they somehow made a great challenge.)

The actual mission objectives will also change every time, and will range from escorting civilians, rescuing hostages-missions not usually seen in sci-fi shooters of this ilk-defending the bases or attacking enemy ones with the help of other soldiers fighting by your side and even stealth levels where you need to infiltrate facilities undetected.

(somehow me can’t help noticing a resemblance towards elite force here :D)

As with any shooter, the weapons are all important and include FLAMETHROWERS and LEECH FIRING GUNS as well as the usual arsenal of rocket launchers and sniper rifles we’ve already enjoyed in Unreal Tournament.

The MULTIPLAYER aspect of the game:

The multiplayer game offers a single-player tier mode as well as the proper online chaos, so you’re definitely gong to get your money’s worth. All the traditional modes are here (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, LMS…) as well as a few surprises that should add a greater tactical depth to the gameplay. In fact, you could almost call it Team Fortress in space, as you’ll get to choose among three classes that will determine your abilities and be able to build turrets, force fields and repair robots and even reconnaissance droids. It sounds too good to be true.
( :/?)
A lot of people criticised both Quake III and UT for completely abandoning the single-player story-driven experience, but Unreal 2 shows that you can have both.
With Return to Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem Forever also vying for our attention, this could be a very good year for FPS fans.

5th May 2001, 03:59 PM
W00t is all I can say.

Lets hope they haven't biten off more than they can chew...I think there sounds like enough for 3 games in there.

If its half as good as the artlicle would lead us to believe we aint going to be too disappointed...single player freaks or multiplayer freaks :D


6th May 2001, 04:53 PM
yeah unreal 2's gonna be neato....