View Full Version : The Infiltration Forum Guidelines rev.2

5th May 2001, 11:46 AM
OK Everyone,

In association with Warren and the Infiltration Team, the Forum guidelines have been updated to take your comments and suggestions into account.

A good signature can easily be kept well under 40kb for the respect of all forum users.

The posting of signature/avatar tests outside of the Official Sig/Avatar Test Thread (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=83064) is discouraged. Any offending threads will be moved to the Official Sig/Avatar Test Thread unless sufficient reason can be provided not to. The Official Sig/Avatar Test Thread will be deleted and re-started by moderators on a regular basis to avoid thread bloatage.

Please post your thread in the appropriate forum, otherwise you may find it moved for you.

Before posting questions, comments, or suggestions, please perform a quick search to see if there are any simliar threads already discussing the same idea and post your comments there if applicable.

If you accidentally double post, please delete the duplicate post using the "edit/delete" link at the bottom of your post.

Crossposting, even is the same forum, is discouraged.

When posting images, be mindful of those on slower connections. If possible, please post links instead.

Posting music, html tricks, ... is not allowed. Any offending post will be edited.

The posting of racist, sexist, or any other discriminatory topic is prohibited.

The uploading of a virus, worm, trojan, or any other malicious program is strictly prohibited, and will result in a deletion of your account by the forum administrators (as well as possibly subject you to criminal litigation).

The uploading of explicitly pornographic or offensive material is prohibited. All submissions will be ranked on their own merits and any action the moderators deem necessary will be taken. (This include links).

Attacks on Infiltration, it's development team, or user community are highly discouraged. Critiques and discussions are fine, but flames and unfounded accusations should be avoided.

Please avoid posting negative remarks about other mods and / or games in this forum.

This list is not complete, but under constant ammendment. Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to contact one of the moderators via email, ICQ, or forum PM.