View Full Version : What about saving?

4th May 2001, 01:18 PM
Ive not read anything about what they plan to do, so if you know, let me know.

If there isn't a plan yet then how would you like the save feature implemented?

Ive seen games ruined because of a poor choice of save feature.

Either saving to much...save every 2 seconds effectively meaning you have unlimited life. Too easy.

Not saving enough...left playing a huge level over and over because you get killed right at the end. To hard.

While I sit here I can't for the life of me remember how it was used in Unreal? Was that a good way? I dont like the way most fps go with the 10 or so save slots...makes it way to easy.

May be having save points...takes the freedom out of saving where and when you like tho. Plus if you pass a save point in a bad way then you're screwed cos you cant go back.

One save slot?

Pick up items to save?

How about knew ideas? Bonuses for not saving through a level?

...Just thinking out loud...