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29th Apr 2001, 06:31 AM
Please just hear me out.

I didn't really know Pacman off the old forums. I made a few posts to him but that was about it.

Anyway, 2 days ago, I saw him post about his childhood and that he was bored and wanted to talk to someone.

Since my ICQ has been very quiet recently, I decided to message him. we chatted about no-thing in particular and after a few minutes, he asked me if I wanted him to make me a sig.

I accepted and he made the sig which I am currently using. Since then we have been chatting on ICQ quite a lot, and he has helped me out not only with getting the sig working, but he has helped me out a lot with an MP3 question of mine and a few other things as well.

He has been very nice and helpful to me, especially since it was the first time I've ever talked to him.

I was a bit skeptical of 04's claim that once you knew Pacman that he was great, but after chatting with him I am convinced that this is true.

We've chatted about lawsuits, scuba diving and other stuff and he has been great to chat with. Please don't judge him just because of his posts here.

He may seem angry and cranky and may flame a bit, but if you knew about his rough childhood, you would understand him a bit better.

If I had gone through what Pacman had to go through, I would be a absolute wreck.

He may get a bit angry every now and then but who doesn't?

Besides, most mod/game forums have some-one who is a bit cranky anyway. They help keep the board spiced up, and there is only one of him.

So please, don't be too judgemental of him, once you get to know him via ICQ, you'll learn that he is a great guy.

Thank you.

29th Apr 2001, 09:47 AM
exactly what i've been saying

29th Apr 2001, 09:57 AM
well said

5th May 2001, 06:52 AM

After meeting Pac on IRC I knew what all those old mofos were talkin' 'bout !!!

He even helped me on my assignment, and damnit My IQ is 30 above normal after reading "Little Tiffany knows Quantium Physics?"

(Edit: My Normal :p)

hawaiian c
5th May 2001, 07:11 AM
hehe its allll kool hehe opps he's alll koool

So please, don't be too judgemental of him

i think that go's about everyone else

5th May 2001, 09:16 AM
This is very true and applicable to EVERYONE, well said. I will comment on this, however, if all you have to judge someone by is their 'posts', and those posts tend to be made in an inflammatory or unintelligent manner(just generalizing for everyone), then how do you not make a judgement that that particular individual is a moron? Why would you take the time to get to know them if you like none of the things they say or the way the say them? Again, this is meant to apply to everyone...Pac has made some very good posts and some that I personally disagree with, but that is his right.

hawaiian c
5th May 2001, 09:27 AM
halua my bratha and let god bless is soul and be in peace